Deputy Speaker of the Parliament: The protection plan will be placed on the agenda of the public meeting

In the public meeting on Tuesday, Mehrdad Viskarmi warned the parliament about the abandonment of the protection plan and said that the board of governors should put the plan related to cyber space on the agenda of the parliament for review.

The draft of the regulation system of cyberspace, which is known as protection, was removed from the agenda of the parliament, and despite the objections raised by the research center of the parliament, its approval was rejected. However, some members of the Joint Commission for Stone Protection still support this plan and seek to bring it back to the parliament floor and approve it.

In today’s session of the parliament, Viskarmi was supposed to speak as an opponent of the financial plan for corruption whistleblowers, and Abdolreza Masri, the chairman of the session, reminded him that his speech was off topic. But Viskarmi replied that he was proud and talked about this good plan: “Do you behave legally that you expect us to behave legally? Didn’t you legally abandon the plan of virtual space? I am not a fan of Istikhare, but I started Istikhare to propose these talks. In the parliament, they have to give a unanimous vote, and there is no law where the speaker of the parliament makes a decision instead of the whole parliament.”

According to ISNA, this member of the joint commission objected to the suspension of the work of the commission and said that the plan related to cyber space was approved once by the vote of the parliament in the form of Article 85 (approval in the commission) and then doubts arose in this matter with Josazi. The floor was voted and the floor voted for the review of this plan in the joint commission for the second time.

A subject that Wiskermi knows is brewing, indeed The lawlessness of the supporters of the protection plan. After this plan was approved in a hasty process, in a letter to the head of the Joint Voting Commission, the Vice President of the Parliament considered this plan to be out of the legal procedure of the Parliament and emphasized that the internal regulations were not followed. Also, the Majlis Research Center made serious objections and finally the plan was removed from the agenda.

But Viskarmi, who does not believe in this, pointed to the suspension of the commission’s work and considered it to be affected by austerity. In the closed meeting, a mixed vote was taken in an unusual way, where the votes against and in favor were close to each other. Finally, the matter returned to the court and the commission was prevented from continuing its work.

He emphasized that after three years of the life of the parliament, we still do not have a law on cyberspace: “The recent combined war and filtering also showed that filtering does not wait for the legislation of the Islamic Council of Parliament. This is the big flaw of the parliament, which has abandoned legislation and does not make decisions about cyberspace; Therefore, the Board of Governors should put this issue on the agenda of the parliament.

Viskarmi further said that this issue was supposed to be investigated from Khordad: “The Majlis must decide on the continuation of the work of the joint commission. They promised me that they will investigate this matter since June. Now, in a few months, we will reach June next year and we are going to go to Hazrat Agha again. Why do we not have a law for cyberspace in the Islamic Republic, as the Umm al-Qara of the Islamic world, while cyberspace in many countries has laws. Why have we lost the courage to be revolutionary and four children make decisions for us?”

In response to Viskarmi’s remark, the Deputy Speaker of the Parliament said that the work has not been stopped and many tasks are at the disposal of the Supreme Council of Cyberspace. He asked this member of the joint commission whether it is your wish that the plan related to cyber space be on the agenda of the public meeting of the Islamic Council, to which Weiss Kerami answered in the affirmative.

Masri went on to say: “Perhaps for more than 10 meetings, I was at the service of you and Mr. Taghipour and other friends who raised the issue for hours. You told me in the morning that this issue should not be raised in a public meeting, but now you say that it should be raised in a public meeting; God willing, we will put the work on the agenda and it will be done.”

He emphasized that the Supreme Council of Cyberspace and the Supreme Council of National Security have full authority in the field of cyberspace and have performed well: “Perhaps more than 10 content work sessions have gone ahead and the work has not stopped, many tasks are at the disposal of the Supreme Council of Cyberspace So the country has not been delayed. The Supreme Council of Cyberspace and the Supreme Council of National Security have full authority and have acted very well, which you can see the results of, but God willing, it will be brought up in public.”

In fact, although the protection plan was not approved in the parliament and the work of the joint commission was stopped, this plan has continued its way during this period. As Masri pointed out The control of this plan is taken by the Supreme Council of Cyber ​​Space and it is also advancing its various clauses. A design that restricts users in virtual space every day and controls this space more.

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