Deputy Minister Samat: We need to convince mobile phone importers to customize the operating system

At the end of December, the Ministry of Communications published a call to identify the technical and executive capacities of the production and development of smart mobile operating systems, and invited candidates for evaluation if they have at least one operating system installed on a smartphone. Operating system production is a subject that many experts do not consider to be cost-effective and possible considering the facilities and experiences of the country.

However, as Zarepour announced after this call, the production of a native operating system is a task assigned to this ministry by the Supreme Council of Cyberspace. In the previous period of this ministry, there were whispers to produce a native operating system, but it did not reach anywhere.

Deputy Minister of Trade and Services of the Ministry of Security in an interview with Irena Emphasizing that the most important factor in the localization of knowledge and production of mobile phones is the operating system, he said that according to the Supreme Council of Cyber ​​Space, this task has been entrusted to the Ministry of Communications for more than 10 years: “The task of the Ministry of Communications is not only telecommunication infrastructure, but also services According to the approval of the Cyber ​​Space Council, the software base and infrastructure is the responsibility of this ministry, and billions of budgets have been spent many times to build the operating system or customize it in this ministry, and the results of these projects should be presented to mobile phone manufacturers for exploitation.

Alireza Shahmirzaei said that there is no need to create a new operating system, but the customization and localization of the existing versions should be done in order to provide the necessary services to the consumer: “The operating system is part of the product and if the operating system does not allow the user to use an application or Not paying attention to maintaining the user’s personal information and eavesdropping or removing an application from the mobile phone without the user’s permission, these are all violations and the importer is responsible for negotiating with the manufacturer and can use knowledge-based companies to order make the operating system.

Shahmirzaei said that we cannot wait for the Ministry of Communications any longer: “We will ask the importers to customize the operating system of mobile phones with the help of knowledge-based companies so that consumer rights are respected. If we are really interested in the production of indigenous mobile phones, we should start with the production of the operating system.”

These emphasis are made for the production of smart mobile operating systems while experts say that the production of operating systems is a high-level work and has no economic justification. Especially since in recent years, many specialized forces have migrated from this field, and in terms of hardware and technology, we are far from the production of the operating system.

Ranking of importers based on service transparency

In another part of this conversation, the Deputy Minister of Security addressed the issue of mobile phone imports and said that the basis for ranking mobile phone importers will no longer be based on the amount of previous imports. According to Shahmirzaei, with the joint decision of the Public Service Office as the custodian of stores and the specialized office of home appliances and mobile phones of the Ministry of Security, it has been decided that the main point in the ranking of importers is the transparency of their distribution and sales system to the final consumer, as well as the transparency of after-sales services. And it is possible for the customer to complain, and the importer who has a higher score in these cases will have a higher rating for import.

Shahmirzaei, referring to the resolution of the after-sales service working group of this ministry on March 22, announced that all importers of mobile phones are committed to register the commercial documents of mobile phones and SIM card-compatible communication devices in the entire distribution chain up to the final consumer according to the regulations. and monitor their agents and their ranking will be done accordingly.

He emphasized that the importers should have full supervision of their mobile phone distribution system and make sure that the mobile phone reaches the end user at the final price and the approved profit: “Based on this, they should create the necessary systems in their distribution system and also The full knowledge of their final customers about after-sales services and their rights should be ensured.

The deputy of the Ministry of Security further said that when buying a mobile phone, people should know exactly who is the after-sales service provider and who is the warranty provider, who is the importer and who is responsible for the warranty, what is the warranty certificate, and all consumer rights should be informed to the end customer: Also, the customer should know where to go if he does not receive proper after-sales service.

According to him, these services are supposed to be carried out in the form of a store transparency system plan. This system provides consumer monitoring of the fair price and after-sales service of the phone by making changes to the peer-to-peer system.

He also said in cases where the importer received cheap currency months ago, but calculates and sells the phone at today’s currency price: “In the new system, the consumer will notice the price of the imported currency of the mobile phone and the price of the final consumer, as well as the warranty certificate of the mobile phone. » According to him, the deadline for providing currency until the mobile phone reaches the end consumer will be reduced by the specialized office of the Ministry of Security.

According to the resolution of March 22, importers will be given a maximum of two more months to create the necessary systems. From the beginning of 1402, mandatory obligations will be taken from them, and if they do not provide these obligations, they will not be allowed to import.

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