Dell’s new patent refers to a laptop with the ability to charge phones wirelessly

The wireless charger is not a new technology and we have seen various types of this product for years, but the idea of ​​wireless charging of the phone through a laptop is almost new and Dell’s patent shows that the company plans to produce a laptop that can be used to wirelessly charge smartphones. benefited

Even the best laptops in the world have extra space on their keyboard, and Dell’s new patent offers an interesting idea to take advantage of this area. According to PcWorld, the patent application number 20220239124 does not refer to the direct use of wireless charging coils in the laptop, and instead these coils will somehow be embedded on the exterior of the device. A small power connector powers the pads, and they can then be charged by placing a phone or other device that supports wireless charging technology.

Dell's patent for a laptop with wireless phone charging capability

(Dell’s patent application to provide wireless charger functionality in laptops)

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Dell’s concept of providing wireless charging on laptops seems attractive, but it still raises questions; For example, what will be the charging power of this feature? Is it possible to put the phone next to the laptop for wireless charging? Can you type easily with the keyboard while using the laptop wireless charging pad? However, if the user wants to use a separate mouse and keyboard and use the laptop as a smart display, it will be easier to understand the concept of the Dell patent. Of course, due to the fact that the bases of most laptops are designed in such a way that they slope downward, there will be a possibility of the phone slipping while charging.

Dell's patent for a laptop with wireless phone charging capability

(A picture of the patent application of Dell laptop with the ability to charge other devices wirelessly)

According to what has been said, it does not seem that Dell can completely solve the problem of providing wireless charging of phones on laptops with its new patent. Of course, the patent certificate of this company does not show how exactly it will work. Remember that filing a patent application does not mean that the patent is granted, and also, just because a patent is filed, you cannot expect to see a real product on the market. In any case, it seems like an interesting idea to be able to make more practical use of the empty space under the laptop keyboard.

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