Delfan Sanat snow blower, a guarantee for snowy days

Your imagination is not empty, but it definitely needs to be updated, like everything that has undergone many changes over the years to make human life easier than ever before.

“Delfan Sanat” snow blower This is exactly what is supposed to correct the old image in your mind. Delfan snowflakes in two models 200 cm And 230 cm They are designed. They are durable and light, and their installation is not complicated and difficult, and it performs snow removal work up to a height of 30 to 35 cm easily.

They have good maneuverability and strength and perform snow removal work when working with low depreciation without damaging fixed obstacles such as facilities or sewers.

Delfan Sanat

On the contrary, in order to use this model of snow blowers, you do not need heavy vehicles or a professional and experienced driver, and in the shortest time and easily, these snow blowers can be installed and used on Nissan, pickup, Isuzu, minibus and East vans.

In fact, these snow blowers can be installed on any chassis car like the Nissan, which is available in all cities and villages.

The presence of such snowflakes in every city and village is a trophy for snowy days and nights.

Features and characteristics of Delfan snow blower:

  • In two sizes 200 and 230 cm (for different cars)
  • Can be installed on a variety of light, semi-light and light vehicles such as vans, pickups, East, minibuses, buses, vans, vans, trucks
  • Lightweight for installation on a variety of single-differential and dual-differential vehicles
  • No need for professional training and expertise
  • Quick installation and opening (less than 5 minutes)
  • No need to constantly engage the car
  • Easy and low maintenance
  • With the ability to use two-way bottom tape for optimal use and reduce maintenance costs (supply of replacement tape by Delfan collection)
  • Recommended for government agencies, private agencies, industrial estates, residential estates, villages, municipalities, power plants, universities

    Delfan Sanat

To save money When the organs use the snow blower on several vehicles, its connection support can be installed on several vehicles and, if necessary, the blades can be attached to the available vehicle and turned into a snow blower vehicle.

Full support by Delfan Sanat

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