DeepMind CEO: Human-level artificial intelligence will arrive in the next few years

According to the head of the laboratory Google’s DeepMind Artificial Intelligence The first artificial intelligence systems with capabilities on par with the human brain are likely to arrive in the coming years.

Demis Hasabis, the CEO of DeepMind, gave explanations about the speed of achievements in the development of artificial general intelligence. He referred to AGI as an advanced artificial intelligence system with human-level cognitive abilities.

Accountant “The progress of artificial intelligence in the last few years has been incredible and I see no reason to slow down,” he says. In my opinion, it is even possible that the growth rate of this process will accelerate. So, I think we’re only a few years away from achieving human-level artificial intelligence.”

The development of artificial general intelligence (AGI) systems is hotly debated and contested in the field of artificial intelligence, and industry leaders are weighing its potential advantages, disadvantages, and possible risks.

to report NYPostHasabis made these optimistic statements about artificial intelligence just days after Dr. Jeffrey Hintonthe renowned computer scientist, left his job at Google to speak more freely about concerns related to the rampant development of artificial intelligence.

Hintonthe godfather of artificial intelligence, announced Advanced systems are developing at an alarming rate and he warned that some profiteers are likely to exploit this technology for nefarious purposes and it will be very difficult to prevent them.

Hinton added that we now have a lot of work and life ahead of us due to the dangers of technology. Google’s DeepMind and Microsoft-backed OpenAI is among the companies that have expressed interest in creating AGI systems.

Hasabis says that in the coming years, artificial intelligence researchers will be able to develop very powerful and general systems with human-level intelligence. “As far as we know, our brain is the only example that has artificial general intelligence,” he said in part of his explanation.

Sam Altman, the CEO of OpenAI, in a blog post, discussed the pros and cons of human-level artificial intelligence systems. According to Altman, one of the advantages of this technology is to improve the quality of human life and improve the global economy, and to help discover new knowledge that removes current limitations.

Altman warned about the disadvantages of AGI, this technology will lead to a serious risk of abuse, social disorders, etc. “Since the positive aspects of AGI seem so great, we don’t think it would be good for society to stop development of this technology forever,” said the CEO of OpenAI. “Instead, the community and AGI developers must figure out the right way to develop and use it.”

Alphabet has increased its efforts in the field of artificial intelligence; Because it aims to be on the same level as its competitor, Microsoft, which supports OpenAI. Last month, after DeepMind merged its two main artificial intelligence units, Hebis was appointed as the CEO of this division.

Sundar PichaiGoogle’s CEO also announced in an interview with 60 Minutes last month that society must adapt to the rapid advances in artificial intelligence. Also, he talked about strange cases where Google’s AI programs have learned traits or skills that they were never taught. For example, in an example Google’s artificial intelligence taught itself Bengali language.

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