Deep Sense, the new brand of Dr. Akhavi’s laboratory

After producing high-quality and very popular products such as Cgol, Prime, Pharmed, Ferris and Baby First, Dr. Akhoi Laboratory Company decided to release its new products in the field of skin care and hair care in order to maintain the health of skin and hair in the care routines. With the brand name Deep Sense.

History of Dr. Akhoi Laboratory Holding

Dr. Nasraleh Akhavi was able to establish Dr. Akhavi’s laboratory company in 1369. Among the honors of this company, we can mention things such as updating product formulations in sync with other modern European products and producing high-quality products in accordance with Iran’s climate and meeting the needs of Iranian customers.

As the only international expert in the pharmaceutical and cosmetic fields in Iran and a member of the French Institute of International Specialists, Mr. Dr. Akhavi, in cooperation with the world’s leading cosmetic companies such as L’Oréal, Vichy and Lancôme, as well as other prominent pharmaceutical and cosmetic laboratories, were able to use his forty years of experience in this field. use industry.

The record of Mr. Dr. Akhoi

Dr. Akhoi’s laboratory company succeeded in obtaining the ISO 9002 standard from QMI Canada in 2010, which is considered one of the first Iranian cosmetic and health units to obtain this standard. In addition to achieving this success, this company was able to register in the Standard Institute of Saudi Arabia in 2011. Also, obtaining the AFAQ certificate from France, ISO 10002 from Germany, ISO 9001 and establishing and equipping Acrodite laboratory (collaborating laboratory of the Ministry of Health) are other activities of Dr. Akhavi’s laboratory. Now, Dr. Akhoi’s laboratory, with the production of the new Deep Sense brand, intends to meet the needs of the market in the field of production and supply of hair and skin care products.

Dr. Akhoi's laboratory

Deep Sense product portfolio

The list of Deep Sense products includes items such as shampoos, lotions and hair conditioners, detergents and skin care products, which are marketed with stylish packaging and an eye-catching and pleasant appearance on par with foreign brands. All the products of this brand are responsible for hair care, skin care and as a result maintaining the health of the skin and hair in the skin routine.

In all the products of this brand, natural extracts of plants are used, which combine with attractive and memorable scents, giving the consumers a sense of freshness and freshness. One of the extracts used in the products of this brand is a fruit called Amla, which we will learn about later.

Amla and its properties

Amla fruit is an ornamental tree whose name is mentioned in all traditional medicine manuscripts. The fruits of this ornamental tree are edible and have a sour taste. This fruit was noticed in ancient times in India and was used in herbal formulations of many dietary supplements for centuries.

Amla fruit oil has traditionally been made and marketed by steeping dried amla fruit in base oils such as vegetable oils for long periods of time; Right after these steps are completed, the obtained oil is purified so that it can be used. Therefore, it has the properties of basic oils such as argan oil and can be effective in solving hair problems.

In addition to having many benefits for hair, amla oil is useful for the natural shine and lightening of the skin and also prevents skin pollution and infections. The uses of amla oil include: reducing the effect of stress and environmental pollution, moisturizing the skin, improving eczema and psoriasis, anti-wrinkle effect and preventing premature aging of the skin.

Among the miracles of Amla oil are things like stimulating hair growth, preventing hair loss, preventing premature graying of hair, increasing the resistance of the scalp against dandruff, strengthening the skin and hair, making the hair shiny, improving capillary blood flow in the scalp, providing oxygen to Hair and finally hair growth pointed out.

This oil has been used in all products of the Deep Sense brand, and you can benefit from all the benefits and properties of this oil by having the products of this brand. You can buy all products containing amla oil from Deep Sense online store provide.

Dr. Akhoi's laboratory

Some products of Deep Sense brand

Here, we want to introduce you to some products of the Deep Sense brand so that you can get more knowledge about this high-quality brand.

Strengthening, volumizing and anti-falling shampoo

This type of shampoo is very suitable for people with hair loss and weak hair roots. This shampoo has mild cleansing power. Removes dirt and excess oils from the hair; But it does not harm the hair roots. The ingredients of this shampoo include vitamin C, malva extract, xerophen, and amla oil, all of which strengthen hair follicles and prevent hair loss.

Consumers of this product will see an increase in hair volume right after a period of continuous use. Deep Sense hair care products It has been able to solve the problems of many people who have hair loss and other hair related problems.

Body shampoo for oily skin

This shampoo is a non-soap detergent and cleanser and has a pH compatible with the skin. This product has a very high cleaning power and suitable lather, and in addition, it controls skin oil and helps to improve your body’s acne.

Tea tree, bamboo, amla oil, hyaluronic acid and salicylic acid extracts have been used in the composition of the body shampoo for oily skin, which always helps to maintain and increase the freshness, softness, vitality and softness of your skin with its pleasant aroma. . This shampoo is very suitable for people who complain of excessive oil in their skin because it helps to control the secretion of skin oil.

Micellar water for deep sense skin types

You don’t always need water or wet wipes to clean your face and you can use this unique product to remove your makeup. This product has a unique formulation and with tiny makeup remover particles, it cleans your face from any chemical and cosmetic substances and pollution. Micellar Water Deep Sense is suitable for people with sensitive skin and prevents the feeling of dryness and tightness on the skin and does not require rinsing. Ingredients such as hyaluronic acid, amla oil, tropical fruit extract and cucumber are used in Deep Sense micellar water.

Body yogurt for dry and normal skin

When the softness and softness of your skin has reached its lowest level, you can use body yogurt to increase the softness of your skin. Gulab Deep Sense Body Yogurt is suitable for dry and normal skins and has the role of deep moisturizing, increasing and maintaining the softness of the skin for a long time, and also helps to relieve dryness and itching.

The body yogurt contains extracts of tropical fruits, cocoa butter, amla oil, avocado, coconut and hyaluronic acid, which also has a light texture. This product protects your skin from adverse external factors and gives it a silky appearance. Women who are looking to carry out their skin routine with the best skin care products to ensure the health of their skin, can use the new brand products of Dr. Akhavi’s laboratory with satisfaction. This product has high absorbency and is suitable for all parts of the body, especially very dry areas such as elbows, knees, hands and feet.

final word

By using the best compounds and formulations in its products, Dr. Akhoi’s laboratory company works to solve skin and hair problems and contributes a lot to skin care and health. Deep Sense skin care products It can satisfy any consumer.

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