Deep fake in the film industry; Bruce Willis “sold his face”

Gizmodo is writing Bruce Willis, the famous Hollywood actor, “has sold his face.” Willis has agreed to sell the rights to use his face so that his digital twin can be created using deepfake technology. Bruce Willis has announced some time ago that he is saying goodbye to the world of acting due to aphasia.

This isn’t the first time that digital versions of actors have been created using deepfake technology, however, Bruce Willis is one of the first actors to officially sell the rights to use a digital version of himself created with artificial intelligence. Various sources say that Willis’ contract will never expire and film companies can use his face forever.

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Bruce Willis is said to sell his face with Deepcake (Deepcake) has entered into cooperation. DeepKick specializes in the field of artificial intelligence, and by obtaining the official license, it creates a digital twin of Willis. After Willis’ acting career ends, DeepKick will use a digital version of Willis in films. Bruce Willis’s aphasia disorder affects a person’s ability to communicate.

In recent years, technology has injected a double attraction to movies and series. Thanks to advances in technology, realistic animations are made today and popular movies like Interstellar Christopher Nolanthey depict the space black hole with very high accuracy.

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Bruce Willis said in a statement posted on Deepcake’s website: “This is the perfect opportunity to step back in time. Neural network [استفاده‌شده برای تولید نسخه‌ی دیجیتالی] It was taught on the basis of the contents of the Janshekht movie series and the fifth element movie, so my virtual character is similar to the images of that era. Thanks to the advent of modern technology, I can communicate with others, work and be present in the film industry even when I am on another continent. This is a completely new and interesting experience for me, and I appreciate our team.”

Deepcake did not respond to media requests for further details. Bruce Willis has a history of cooperation with this company. In 2021, thanks to artificial intelligence, Bruce Willis appeared in one of the advertisements of this company.

Bruce Willis is not the only Hollywood actor who does this. James Earl Jones Some time ago, he announced that he no longer intends to play a role in the next films and series of the Star Wars universe Darth Vader to appear He said he sold his voice to Respeecher.

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