DaVinci Resolve video editing software comes to iPads

In the new iPad promotional video, Apple showed that its tablets are going to be equipped with DaVinci Resolve, and as such Apple Insider He writes, while confirming the release for iPad, the developer of this application has announced the list of features that will be available before the end of this year.

Grand PattyCEO of Blackmagic Design, says in a statement that the iPad version DaVinci Resolve is “a revolution for post-production processes” and customers can access “Hollywood-level” video editing tools. DaVinci Resolve on Mac, Windows and Linux is a competitor to Final Cut Pro and Adobe Premiere. The original DaVinci Resolve app is free, but has some limitations.

Professionals looking for the best video editing capabilities have access to a separate app called DaVinci Resolve Studio. The developer of DaVinci Resolve says that this special edition will also be released for iPad users. Users can upgrade their application from DaVinci Resolve to DaVinci Resolve Studio by paying a certain amount.

Blackmagic Design says the premium version of DaVinci Resolve will cost $95. The premium desktop version of DaVinci Resolve is currently priced at $295. DaVinci Resolve is released for all iPads, but is specifically optimized for the iPad Pro M2. This application requires iPadOS 16 to run on iPad.

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DaVinci Resolve on iPad supports collaboration on different projects through the Blackmagic Cloud service and has the ability to support DaVinci Resolve 18 files. This software will have the ability to play clips from iPad storage and gallery as well as iCloud and will support H.264, H.265, ProRes and Blackmagic RAW. DaVinci Resolve is also compatible with the Apple Pencil, Magic Trackpad, Magic Keyboard, and Apple Smart Keyboard Folio. It is not yet known which features will be offered for free.

If the iPad version of DaVinci Resolve supports all the features of the desktop version, it will become the first professional video editing application that makes full features available to iPad users. Adobe has already released a modified version of Premiere called Adobe Premiere Rush for iPad. The iPad also comes with a default version of iMovie. Final Cut Pro is not yet released for iPad.

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