Dahua camera price in Dahua company and Dahua artificial intelligence

Dahua smart cameras have created a big revolution in the CCTV industry by entering the market. Features Dahua Co It is the up-to-dateness of the products and technologies used in its products. Artificial intelligence technology has played an attractive and effective role in human life. The result of artificial intelligence technology is to perform many tasks more accurately and in less time. For example, you can easily monitor and manage the entry and exit of people to a place. People based on a defined list are not allowed to enter. For example, the employees of an office or organization are already defined in the monitoring systems. Therefore, when people who are not on the list enter, the alarm will be activated. The review takes place in the shortest possible time. In the rest of this article, we will talk more about Dahua smart cameras.

Dahua’s investment in the research and development unit has led to the introduction of attractive and practical technologies in CCTV cameras. The success of this Chinese brand all over the world is the benefit of quality and modern knowledge. Dahua Technology Unit has launched a series of artificial intelligence solutions and products with the benefit of artificial intelligence chip and deep learning algorithm. This set helps to recognize the subjects in the image with high accuracy. In addition, filtering the main subject from unrelated objects helps to reduce false alarms to zero.

Dahua face recognition camera

Using machine learning algorithms, Dahua face recognition cameras are able to recognize people’s faces even with masks and glasses. These algorithms actually analyze the structure of people’s faces. One of the features of the Dahua facial recognition camera is its fast recognition and high accuracy. The distinction between human faces and other objects has had a significant effect on reducing false alarms. You can activate events through Dahua face recognition cameras. Accordingly, you will manage to send alerts, enable recording, initiate access control processes.

One of the uses of facial recognition cameras is to use them in stores and commercial complexes to analyze customer behavior. Customer traffic patterns and demographics are used to improve store design and marketing strategies.

Dahua license plate recognition camera

The license plate recognition camera or license plate reader is one of the most popular Dahua CCTV cameras, which is used in a wider range compared to facial recognition cameras. You can use this type of cameras in public parking lots, company parking lots, or private parking lots. In addition, these cameras are also used on highways and roads. The license plate processing is such that in addition to the image of the license plate, you can also search the license plate numbers in the camera archive. For example, by entering the license plate numbers, it will show the images related to that car. It is exciting that the numbers can be understood by the camera.

Another type of Dahua smart cameras are heat map cameras. These cameras can help improve sales and increase productivity in commercial environments by providing a report of traffic and traffic of customers. This camera provides a heat map that shows what density there was in which areas of the store during a specified period of time. In this way, they can easily manage the layout of the store, the place of advertisement and the placement of goods.

Through camera statistics with heat map capability, it is even possible to obtain a series of data on customer behavior during a week or month. For example, what kind of products are the customers looking for at the beginning of the week, or what are the changes in the number of buyers during the week or month. Which part of the store was more attractive to customers and… this information is very practical and useful for studying customers’ behavior and sales management.

Dahua CCTV camera price

Regardless of the capabilities and facilities that Dahua CCTV cameras provide to the user, Dahua is a popular brand in general. Dahua camera price should be considered against what you receive. Quality is the first word in the products of this brand. When you can buy quality and technology at a reasonable price, it is an affordable purchase. Product quality is very important in this type of products, which also have a security aspect.

Dahua representative in Iran

The most prestigious brands in the world are valuable for customers when they are accessible. The presence of Dahua camera agency in Iran has made customers no longer have to worry about purchases and after-sales services. You can by visiting the Dahua website Address of Dahua agency in Tehran find and then benefit from the agency’s free expert advice. Also, Dahua Camera Company organizes attractive discount festivals in different seasons. By contacting the agency, you can find out about the discounts of the festival and its duration.

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