Create DJI Tello UAV control platform with Raspberry Pi controlled via PlayStation 4

Engineer Mohammad Reza Sharifi has created a platform to control his DJI Tello drone using the PlayStation 4 controller and with the help of Raspberry Pi. This drone is designed to work with smartphones via WiFi.

This is not the first Raspberry Pi project; Because in the past, it has built a robot based on Pico, which can be controlled using a smartphone accelerometer. He has also recently developed a robotic machine that can detect and move hand movements using artificial intelligence.

Creating a project at home does not require special equipment and you only need a PlayStation 4 controller and a Raspberry Pi and a DJI Tello UAV. In this project, Raspberry Pi acts as the interface between the controller and the UAV and provides the necessary wireless connection for the communication bridge.

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Sharifi decided to present his project in open source, so that its source code is available to anyone interested through GitHub. A library called EasyTello is required to install on Raspberry Pi; Because it makes it possible to communicate with the Tello drone. In addition, the pyPS4Controller library provides the tools needed to interpret the controller input.

To view this project, you can refer to the related topic in Reddit. Of course, on this page you will also see other interesting projects by Mohammad Reza Sharifi.

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