Competition Council: The fixed internet market is monopolistic; The National Competition Center sets price guidelines

The Competition Council, after examining the country’s fixed internet market and referring to the laws, considered this market to be exclusive and mandated the National Competition Center to set guidelines for the regulation of this market.

National Competition Center public relations Announcing this news, he wrote: “With the necessary investigations regarding the fixed internet market, the Competition Council, citing the provisions of Clause 5 of Article 58 of the Law on the Implementation of General Policies of Article 44 of the Constitution, considered this market to be an example of a monopoly market. Based on this, the National Competition Center was obliged to provide instructions for setting the price, quantity and conditions of access to the fixed internet market.

Of course, the National Competition Center will not act alone to provide this instruction and must prepare and submit it to the Competition Council for approval with the participation of the Ministry of Communications and Information Technology, the Computer Trade Union Organization and soliciting opinions from other stakeholders.

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