Comparison of Tiba 2 with Quick: specifications, price and everything you need to know

In this article, we want to compare Tiba 2 with Quick, but before that, we must mention some things. During the 10 years that we have been reading and translating news related to the world of cars, especially global markets, we have rarely seen car manufacturers that produce cars in the same car class and in fact competitors for themselves; But the situation in our country is completely different, and the country’s two biggest car manufacturers are Iran Khodro And Saipa They produce a lot of cars that look different, but are the same inside, at similar prices. This will mean increased costs and internal competition that will affect sales. Among these products can be family Peugeot And Samand In Iran Khodro and Tiba And Quick Saipa pointed out that they all use the same platform, engines and components, with only changes in the body panels and cabin instruments. In this article, we want to make a detailed comparison between the two cars of the company Saipa That is, we have Tiba 2 and Quick, hatchbacks that, although they look a little different in appearance, have the same interior, and buyers may be at a crossroads when they see them. So if you are planning to buy Tiba 2 or Quick and you are at a crossroads, follow this article to the end.

Tiba was introduced as the first national car of Saipa and was initially named as a miniature. The car benefits from a more up-to-date platform than the Pride, and in fact, it feels much better if you treat it as an upgraded model of the Pride. With the good reception of Tiba and also the high demand for hatchback cars, Saipa decided to produce the trunkless version of this car and launched it in two types, SX and EX, which differ in a few limited options such as electric mirrors and rear windows. It was summed up. Of course, currently only the EX Tiba 2 type is produced and limited versions of it with the extension Plus have also been produced, which do not change in terms of powertrain and gearbox and only have some more options such as roof rack, touch screen, reverse gear sensor, interior black trim. and… are Of course, Tiba 2 standard has been more popular than Tiba 2 Plus.

Saipa with the launch of Tiba 2 and the high acceptance of it as a cheaper alternative Peugeot 206 He thought of launching Quick. Kwik can be considered as the hatchback version of Saina, which is based on Tiba sedan. Quick doesn’t have many differences with Saina in the front part, but it uses a different design in the rear part. Of course, when you look at Quick from the side profile, you will notice that its design is the same as Tiba. Quick is produced in different types such as R, S and automatic, and now it has a good market. This car is not different from Tiba 2 in terms of powertrain and gearbox, and in this article, we have sought to compare Tiba 2 and Quick Standard with each other.

In this article, you will consider the following:

Comparing the design of Tiba 2 with Quick

Tiba’s design was done by Ital Design Company, but at the first encounter, you will completely feel that this design is old and out of date. Tiba headlights don’t match well with the grille and this part could have been designed wider. The fog lights and the lower entrance of the bumper are also extremely simple. In the side view, a line can be seen that starts from the fender and fades in the middle and starts again at the back, and of course, there is no coordination between these lines. Perhaps the rear view of Tiba 2 is considered the best part of this hatchback. Although the lights are simple in design, they are in the right place and the place where the fog lights are installed also reminds us of the 206.

When you meet Quick, although you will find the overall car similar to Tiba 2, but its design can clearly be considered more stylish. The headlights are darker than the Sienna and the revised bumper provides an acceptable front view, and the protective plastics around the body also add to the feeling of the car being a cross. In the side profile, the same design of Tiba 2 can be seen, but the front fender has been slightly changed, and of course, the roof rack can also be seen. To these things, we should add the new door handles. Although the rear view of Kwik does not have the coordination of the front part, it uses two-piece lights and is not similar to some products of the day. In general, the design of Quick should be considered a head and neck higher than Tiba 2, and in this department, the superiority will be with Quick.

Quick S

Comparison of internal design of Tiba 2 with Quick

Tiba 2 is completely similar to its cashier brother in the cabin department, so you will see a completely old and boring design in this department. All components are made of dry and scratch-resistant plastic, and although this design is an improvement over the Pride, it won’t compare to other cars on the market. Some items such as steering wheel, steering wheel and wiper are also taken from Pride. Although it is not possible to give an acceptable grade to the design of the cabin and the materials used in Tiba 2, its ergonomics are not a problem. In terms of the cabin space, it should be said that this car will not be a problem for tall people in the front part, although the rear part of the cabin will not be very suitable for adults, but the legroom is more compared to the Peugeot 206.

Inside the cabin of Tiba 2

Quick cabin has many changes compared to Tiba 2, and although the back of the amps are similar to Tiba 2, the rest of the parts have been improved. Of course, the purpose of improvement is only in the appearance of the tools, and their materials are not much different from Tiba 2. The black trim of the cabin provides a better feeling and the center console has a better design. In terms of cabin space, there is not much difference between Tiba 2 and Quick, although the rear part of Tiba 2 cabin seems to be a little more spacious.

Quick S

If we want to announce the result of the comparison in this section of Tiba 2 with Quick, we must say that the design of the Quick cabin and the tools used in it will be better than Tiba 2.

Comparison of Tiba 2 engine and gearbox with Quick

Here we come to the same basic content. As we said, domestic car manufacturers are masters of using common platforms, engines and gearboxes for cars that differ only in some components such as lights. Tiba 2 and Quick are common in terms of the mentioned items, and in the engine department, we see a 1.5-liter 4-cylinder model with the M15 code, which is actually an upgraded version of the Pride engine and produces 87 horsepower and 128 Nm of torque. he does. The partner of the aforementioned engine is also a 5-speed manual gearbox, although as we said, the Quick automatic version is also produced.

Quick S

Comparing Tiba 2 with Quick in the driving part will show that the two cars are not much different from each other and when you sit behind the wheel of these two cars, you will be reminded of the feeling of pride. Of course, the engine has good traction and the brakes are stronger than the Pride. The field of vision to the sides is good and the suspension system, although it is very noisy, is soft enough in the city and will satisfy you. The negative point of Tiba 2 and Quick is related to the high noise of the engine, which will not be really bearable at high revs. The positive point of this engine can be considered relatively low maintenance costs and relatively good fuel consumption compared to other cars on the market.

Comparison of technical specifications of Tiba 2 with Quick
Tiba 2 Quick
the length 3925 3989
width 1642 1678
Height 1484 1532
The distance between the front and rear axles 2410 2412
Trunk volume 223 225
net weight 1040 1065
Fuel consumption in the combined cycle (liters per hundred kilometers) 6.53 7.14
tank capacity 41 41
tire size R13 175/70 R14 185/65
Rim type steel steel
Number of cylinders 4 4
Engine volume (cc) 1503 1503
Maximum power (horsepower) 87 87
Maximum torque (newton meters) 128 128
Fuel system Injector Injector
Gearbox type 5 speed manual 5 speed manual
Command type Hydraulic Hydraulic
Front suspension system McPherson McPherson
Rear suspension system Torsion beam Torsion beam
front brake Disk Cooling disk
rear brake Bowl Bowl

Comparison of features and equipment of Tiba 2 with Quick

As you already knew and now you have seen, we are dealing with old cars that do not have significant capabilities in terms of design and technical aspects, and it is natural that the same will apply to their facilities and equipment. Tiba 2 benefits from mundane equipment such as driver and passenger airbags, anti-lock brakes, side mirrors and electric windows, headlights with the ability to adjust the angle of light, folding rear seat and the driver’s seat with the ability to adjust the height, which are among the equipment. And the features of cars are decades ago.

Although Quick is not much different from Tiba 2, its equipment includes such things as rear parking sensor, semi-automatic air conditioning system, driver and passenger airbags, anti-lock brakes and electronic brake force distribution, electric mirrors and windows, trip computer and … Cited.

In this part of the comparison between Tiba 2 and Quick, it should be said that none of these two cars have a clear advantage over each other and only in some cases they are slightly different from each other.

Comparison of equipment and features of Tiba 2 with Quick

Tiba 2 Quick
Equipped with USB radio Reverse parking sensor
Driver and front passenger airbags Semi-automatic air conditioning system
Equipped with advanced ABS braking system roof rack
Electric side mirrors Easy to open handle
Air conditioning system Front and rear fog lights
Front power window Display the outside air temperature
Rear electric windows Driver and front passenger airbags
Headlight with adjustable light angle (Leveling Switch) Equipped with ABS braking system
Anti-theft system (Immobilizer) EBD electronic brake force distribution
Folding rear seat Visual and audible warning to fasten the seat belt
Child seat holder (Iso Fix) Electric side mirror
Front fog light, rear fog light and third hazard light Front and rear electric windows
Engine diagnostic warning light Anti-theft system (Immobilizer)
Height adjustable driver’s seat Travel computer
Remote control – central locking Rear wiper
Rear wiper Rear window heater
Visual and audible warning to fasten the seat belt Remote control – central locking
Folding rear seats
The rear seat is equipped with a child seat holder (Iso Fix).
Manual driver’s seat with 6 modes and passenger seat with 4 modes

Comparing the price of Tiba 2 with Quick

As we said, these two cars can be seen as competitors because they don’t have much price difference and they are in the same class in terms of dimensions, technical specifications, etc. You can see the price comparison between Tiba 2 and Quick in the table below:

Daily price of Saipa cars: Tiba and Quick
Model Specifications Dealer price market price
Tiba 2 hatchback Steel rim 126,936,000 205,000,000
Tiba 2 hatchback plus 213,000,000
Quick simple Manual gearbox 168,061,000 217,000,000
Quick R Manual gearbox 178,020,000 226,000,000
Quick S Manual gearbox 184,549,000 235,000,000
Quick Plus automatic 277,153,000 350,000,000

Comparing the advantages and disadvantages of Tiba 2 with Quick

In this part of the comparison between Tiba 2 and Quick, it should be said that most of the strengths and weaknesses of both cars will be common. Among the positive things about these cars, we can point to a good second-hand market (although the Tiba 2 market may be a little better), relatively low maintenance costs, an engine with adequate power for its size, acceptable cabin space, and a smoother ride than a car like the Peugeot 206. did The negative points of Tiba 2 and Quick also include things such as old design (especially about Tiba 2), old and low-quality materials and tools used in the cabin, poor handling, loud engine noise in the cabin, etc.

summary and Conclusion

Tiba 2 and Quick are Saipa urban hatchbacks that still have many customers despite their high prices in the market, although we all know that this acceptance is not due to the quality and modern design of these two cars, but due to the economic conditions and the necessity of the customer to make their choice. It should be said that from the comparison of Tiba 2 and Quick, we can conclude that both cars are one soul in two bodies, and in terms of price, they have a difference of about 10 to 15 million tomans. According to some people, it would be pointless to pay a few million extra for a car that is basically the same as the Tiba 2, but some people also believe that Quick is worth paying more because it benefits from a better exterior and interior design. Finally, it should be known that the buyer’s opinion will be decisive in this regard. If you prefer to buy a cheaper car and spend some money to upgrade its appearance and interior, Tiba 2 will be a better choice, but if you prefer a car with a different appearance, it might be better to choose Quick.

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