Comparison of Haima 7X and Farda M4, two new minivans in the Iranian market

Minivans or MPVs are vehicles that receive special attention due to their wide range of applications in the global car market. Of course, in general, the Iranian car market is less diverse and old, but the situation of the minivan market in Iran is much worse. Perhaps the lack of diversity and attention to this segment of the market has caused two Iranian automakers, Iran Khodro and Farda Motors to attend the 4th Tehran Auto Show with two surprises in this segment. One of these products is Iran Khodro Haima 7X and the other is FMC M4 Farda Motors. In the following, we will review these two new minivans.


In the automotive world, MPVs are considered luxury cars. As a result, their design and appearance are very important.

Haima 7X was designed by the former Ferrari product designer, Pinina Farina Studio. The version shown in Iran was unveiled in 2020 and is a relatively new product for Haima.

Haima 7X Minivan

At first glance, we are dealing with an updated and special design that you may even suspect that the car is Chinese. First we go to the front of the car. The wide, concave windshield with vertical columns, along with the slim and pointed LED lights, give the 7X an aggressive feel to the boldly spaced interior. In the side view, with different lines, the height of this car looks less than it is.

Haima 7X Minivan

The FMC M4 also has an attractive, flawless and special design that catches everyone’s eye on the first encounter. The turning point of the M4 design is its large windshield. This windshield comes up to the headlights and a chrome strip starts from the bottom and continues to the rear of the car, which is one of the special beauties of this car. Although Chinese automakers have recently stopped copying, there is no denying that this car is very similar to Lexus products in the front view, especially the windshield. The FMC M4 headlights also have sharp corners to make them more attractive with a vertical LED strip on the sides. The volume of the body is done with great finesse and the appearance of the bumper is in perfect harmony with the other components. This volume and coordination in the design can be clearly seen in the side view of the car.

Tomorrow's photo FMC M4

At the rear of tomorrow’s FMC M4, there are continuous headlights with a design close to the headlights. Also, the use of black plastic devices for luxury showed that the car has decreased.

Tomorrow FMC M4 minivan

Although the M4 uses a design language both in the rear and in the front, this is not the case for the 7X. In 7X, the rear view is designed differently from the front view, and half is black and half is the color of the car body. Although the taillights have beautiful graphics and an aggressive feel, the winner of this section is the M4, which has a more up-to-date design.

Inside the cabin

We go to the cabin of two cars, due to the luxury nature of minivans, we are basically on the side of a cabin with many features. Both cars, like all MPVs, despite their long length, have a short hood, and most of the length of these cars is related to the cabin. For this reason, we see a very spacious and comfortable cabin for 6 to 7 people in three rows of seats.

Inside tomorrow FMC M4 minivan

Inside the cabin of tomorrow M4 is very beautiful and different design. This cabin is exactly the same cabin designed for Lamari Ema, but changed to a light color trim (cream and brown combination). The infotainment display and the steering wheel panel are embedded in a large, integrated display in front of the driver. The panel behind the steering wheel shows important and vital information of the car. In the second row, two separate seats are installed, from which you can easily access the third row seats. The foot space in the second row is very large and in the third row, adults can also have a suitable and spacious space.

Inside Haima 7X minivan

Going into the 7X cabin, at first a large screen I draw these days on the dashboard draws attention, which provides a variety of information. The seats of this car are also separate in the second row and there are adjacent seats in the third row. Maroon leather interior trim and piano and aluminum parts are used in the design.

Obviously, these days, Maroon color has more fans than the old design and brown cream color. As a result, it can be said that the interior design of the 7X is a head and neck higher than the M4.

Compare dimensions

The length, width, height and distance between the Haima 7X axes are 4.81, 1.87, 1.72 and 2.86 meters, respectively.

Haima 7X photos

The dimensions of the FMC M4 body in length, width, height and distance between the axles are announced as 4.85, 1.9, 1.715 and 2.9 meters, respectively.

Tomorrow van FMC M4 engine side view

A comparison of the numbers shows that the two cars are about the same size.

Comparison of propulsion

In recent years, the trend of reducing the volume of car engines and equipping them with turbochargers along with increasing the quality and accuracy of its construction has become very colorful. The two MPVs we discuss are no exception to this rule.

Haima 7X

Haima 7X is offered in the world car market with two engines. Iran Khodro has chosen a more powerful engine called HMAGA16-YF. This turbocharged four-cylinder engine has a volume of 1.6 liters and produces 194 horsepower and 293 Nm of torque. The power generated is transmitted by a 6-speed automatic transmission.

Van Farda FMC M4 engine

The FMC M4 has the same specifications as the Lamari Ema. Under the hood of the M4 is a 1.5-liter turbocharged engine with GDI technology that produces 195 horsepower and 285 Nm of torque. The 7-speed dual-clutch gearbox transmits this power to the front wheel axle.

The difference between the two engines is very small and we have to wait for their driving test for the final result.

Compare features

It is still not possible to comment definitively on the comfort and safety features of these two cars and we will have to wait to see what options and facilities Iran Khodro and Farda Motors consider for these two minivans at the time of launch, according to their policies. However, in the following, we will examine some of the features of these two cars.

For Haima 7X, in the internal facilities section, automatic ventilation system, central locking, immobilizer system and remote control for turning the car on and off are provided as standard. Adaptive cruise control, park sensor, rear view camera, ABS anti-lock braking system and EBD electric braking system, ESP stability control and 5 airbags are other features that Haima has provided for its X7 and it seems that these features in There will definitely be time to market.

Tomorrow M4 comfort and safety features include cruise control system, stability control system, uphill movement control system, downhill movement control system, autopark system, keyless entry system and push-button start, electric parking brake with auto hold, 360 degree camera equipped with Obstacle warning sensors, Driving Camera, Blind Spot Radar, Lane Departure Warning System, Air Conditioning, Light Sensor, Rain Sensor, 8 10-Point Airbags, Panoramic Roof, Trunk Power Jack, Leather Trim The cabin, the driver’s electric seat, the electric adjustment of the second-row seats, the interior lighting with 64 attractive colors, and so on.

The last word

Haima 7X Iran Khodro and M4 Farda Motors will compete with each other 100% in the market. But which one will win this competition depends on the quality of assembly, pricing and delivery time of both automakers, and for the final comment we will have to wait for their official launch in the car market. According to forecasts, both cars will be sold at a price between 1 to 1.5 billion tomans.

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