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Registering a business company is not only for identifying and validating economic activity, but also in terms of law and community governance, in order to obtain legal funds. Therefore, if the company is not registered as one of the companies mentioned in the law, first of all, the said company will be considered as a joint venture that the ordinary partners are not willing to not register and accept joint liability, and this is the guarantee of registration. Secondly, he must pay the compensation listed, and thirdly, he must bear the penalties listed in the Companies Registration Law.

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Necessary documents for company registration

In general, the documents for Company registration Business is needed. They have many similarities. The documents that are initially required for company registration are summarized in the following order. In order to be able to accurately prepare the documents related to the company you want, easy company registration system with 24-hour support will answer all the questions you have about the registration of the company you want.

  • Providing identification documents such as national card and birth certificate of each partner.
  • Presentation of company letter and company application
  • Sana code registration for all board members
  • Preparation of completed articles of association of the company
  • Receive confirmation of the address and zip code of the company location
  • Determining the company’s right to sign (if the right to sign is for more than one person, the type and conditions of the company’s signatures must be specified)
  • Determining the position and shares of each member
  • Choose 5 names with at least 3 syllables in order of priority
  • Licensing (special for companies that need a license)
  • Providing two copies of the minutes of the general meeting and founders of the company and the minutes of the board of directors
  • If the company is a private company, a bank statement that is equivalent to 35% of the initial capital of your company.

What are the procedures for registering a company in the Companies Registration Office?

You must follow the hierarchy to register a business company. And according to the steps of establishing the company in the office, which we will discuss briefly, you must go through the steps.

  • First, you must determine the type of your company based on its activity, be careful that this step is very important.
  • Determining the company’s partners or shareholders, determine with whom you decide to partner in the establishment of the company.
  • Determining the initial capital of the company, which has minimums for each type of company, if the amount of capital is not important to you, consider the minimum.
  • The choice of the subject of the company’s activity should be determined based on the activity you have, because in the future you will be able to combine only the activity you have chosen at this stage with the company you have.
  • The attractive step of choosing a company name is to choose 5 names that must have at least 3 hyphens and announce them based on their priority.
  • Determining the position chart of each member and specifying the powers and signing rights
  • Online registration in the department’s system and then waiting for name confirmation and downloading documents to sign and send to the department from the system.
  • Sending 2 series of signed documents along with the confirmation letter of the name of the office
  • Refer to the office to sign and deliver the papers
  • Payment of the company’s official newspaper and multi-circulation newspaper

What are the prohibited items for company registration?

Registration of companies and commercial institutions, like any other activity, must be subject to a series of principles and certain laws and follow them. For example, the members of the board of directors should not have a criminal record or have a government job. Board members in private companies can be board members in several companies. The CEO cannot hold this position in 2 companies either in public companies or in private companies. In cases of prohibition of company registration, according to the rules of the Companies Registration Office, it is prohibited to register a company or institution for managers whose names have been sent to the Companies Registration Office as tax debtors.

What are the benefits of brand registration?

Brand registration It has many advantages, here are some of the top advantages of its registration:

A good brand can act as a shortcut to the human mind when dealing with a large volume of marketing information. As an item much more preferable than other items, it will keep customers’ minds towards the original brand. For example, when you hear the name Samsung, what comes to your mind?

Brands cause behavior that is different from other behaviors that a consumer has. It encourages shopping and brings excitement to the community.

Easy online registration system

If you need to register your company and don’t have time to do your registration work, you can entrust this process to the team with easy registration experience so that all your work is done legally and in the shortest time and you can do your business with peace of mind through this Pay participation.

What are the necessary documents for brand registration?

Considering that your brand is a real brand or a legal brand, different documents are required to be scanned and uploaded to the country’s property and documents registration site. Here, it is necessary to explain that a real brand is actually a brand that is registered in the name of a person, and a legal brand is a brand that will be registered in the name of a company.

The required documents for natural persons are:

  • copy of birth certificate
  • Copy of national card
  • Copy of activity license including establishment license, operation license, construction license, business license or business card or any activity certificate issued by government regulatory and governance institutions.

It should be noted that if your trademark contains Latin letters, you must obtain a business card and put a copy of your business card on the site.

The required documents for legal entities are:

  • copy of birth certificate
  • Copy of national card
  • Copy of the newspaper of establishment and the last changes of the company (it should not be more than two years since the last changes of the company.)
  • Copy of activity license, including establishment license, operation license, construction license, business license or business card, or any activity certificate issued by government regulatory and governance institutions.

What are the steps of trademark registration?

In order to register a brand declaration, applicants should register the brand by entering the country’s property and documents registration site. This system is intended for trademark registration and you can register your trademark without visiting the trademark registration office.

  • 1. Choosing a brand name.
  • 2. Name inquiry before registration.
  • 3. Prepare the required documents.
  • 4. Registration of the statement on the property administration website.
  • 5. Pay for the declaration on the site
  • 6. Publication of registration application notice in the official newspaper.
  • 7. Visiting the property office in person.
  • 8. Payment of brand registration fees
  • 9. Paying for the second time official newspaper
  • 10. 10-year brand registration confirmation

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