Combined internet packages for Arbaeen pilgrims

According to Irancell Public Relations, the combined packages include the combined package of 150 MB Internet roaming, 10 minutes of calls and 50 text messages at the price of 100,000 Tomans and the combined package of 3 GB of Internet at the price of 350,000 Tomans with 25 minutes of free calls and 250 free text messages.

These packages have been introduced with the aim of facilitating communication and internet access for pilgrims. Before this, Irancell had announced the provision of five international roaming internet packages to pilgrims. Internet roaming packages include a 75 MB package with a price of 36 thousand Tomans, a 150 MB package with a price of 66 thousand Tomans, a 300 MB package with a price of 96 thousand Tomans, a 600 MB package with a price of 130 thousand Tomans and a 1 GB package with a price of 200 thousand Tomans.

All the above packages are valid for seven days and can be used in the areas covered by three operators in Iraq, including Zain, Asiacell and Korek, and subscribers need to activate them to use them. Roaming internet packages, especially for Arbaeen days, can be activated by command code *1111*4# and Irancellman super application.

Irancell has also offered two groups of special offers for Arbaeen 1401 from 11 to 29 Shahrivar for before and after leaving Iran. Pilgrims of Irancell and residents of border areas on the way of pilgrims can get a 1GB internet package for free by dialing the command code *#40 or using the Irancellman super application. This package, valid for seven days, can only be used in the border areas of Mehran, Shalamcheh, Chazaba, Khosravi, Bashmaq and Tamrchin and the routes leading to these areas.

In addition, in the mentioned border areas, special kiosks have been provided for all pilgrims to connect to Irancell Internet in the form of Wi-Fi internet for free. To activate Wi-Fi, users need to be connected to the Wi-Fi network and, according to the description on the relevant page, send the number 1 to the number 1155 for Irancell users and to the number 300001155 for non-Irancell users so that the password to connect to the network will be sent to them.

Arbaeen pilgrims, in order to use Irancell’s roaming network in Iraq, it is necessary to activate the possibility of connecting to the roaming service on their line before leaving the country. For this, users can dial the command code *1111*#1 or refer to the “File” section and then “Roaming Services” in the Irancellman super application.

Irancell also supports the Hosseini Arbaeen pilgrims by providing special call, SMS and data rates. To facilitate the communication of Iranian pilgrims in Iraq, special discounts on Irancell roaming service tariffs have been considered for all credit and permanent subscribers.

Guide for Irancell users participating in the Arbaeen procession

Based on this, every minute voice call to Iran is 9,000 Tomans, every minute voice call received from Iran is 6,000 Tomans, every minute voice call to Iraq is 4,000 Tomans, every SMS is 1,300 Tomans and every megabyte of mobile internet is 500 Tomans. will be.

Receiving text messages during the trip is free, and the cost of incoming and outgoing calls will be calculated based on the minute and from the start of the conversation. Therefore, if the incoming call is not answered, there will be no charge for it in the call.

The above tariffs can be used in the areas covered by all three operators in Iraq, including Zain, Asiacell and Korek.

If Iranian pilgrims in Iraq do not have enough credit to make a call, their friends and acquaintances from inside Iran can pay the call roaming fee. In this case, the Goya system asks the contact person to bear this cost if they wish.

It is recommended that Irancell subscribers charge at least 100 thousand Tomans in their credit SIM card before entering Iraq, and if they encounter a problem during the trip, they should first make sure that the amount of credit (charging) on ‚Äč‚Äčtheir SIM card is sufficient. It is suggested that regular subscribers also increase the credit limit of their SIM card to the required extent.

To purchase recharge and pay the SIM card bill, Irancell subscribers can use one of the methods of “buying a recharge card and dialing #chargecardcode”*141*” for credit SIM cards, “dial #7* and purchase recharge or pay the bill with a bank card” or use the Irancellman super application.

It costs nothing to turn on a mobile phone. Irancell subscribers should note that by turning on internet roaming, the internet used in mobile phone applications will be calculated with the cost of roaming. Therefore, make sure that the automatic or unnecessary connection to the Internet is disabled in your applications, and to avoid unnecessary costs when you are in Iraq, disable the automatic download of video, photo and audio files in the settings of your messengers.

Irancell subscribers should keep in mind that to call Iranian numbers from abroad, they must dial the code 0098 before the desired subscriber number. Irancell suggests that dear subscribers save their desired numbers with the prefix 0098 on their phones so that they can act faster when making calls.

Irancell experts during the days of Arbaeen, by attending special counters in border areas, including Mehran (Karbala boulevard not reaching Zair Bridge and Arbaeen Square at the border terminal), Qasr Shirin (Khosravi border, customs entrance next to the mosque), Shalamcheh (main parking lot of the terminal) Marzi), Chadaba (column 53 at the location of Hosseini’s processions) and Tamrchin (next to Piranshahr sugar factory), also in the cities of Najaf (Maqbara al-Hakim) and Karbala (Sidjuda) and also on the Arbaeen walking route (columns 1, 202, 494, 780 and 1120), are ready to answer and solve possible SIM card and phone problems and guide pilgrims about using roaming services. Providing some welfare services and services to pilgrims in the border areas and in the city of Karbala is one of the other actions of Irancell these days.

Irancell subscribers can call 09377110000, call the special roaming department in the 24-hour customer service center and get guidance from Irancell experts. In addition, Irancell experts are also responsive to Irancell subscribers through online chat on Irancell website and Irancellman application.

More information on the use of roaming services, on the roaming page of the Irancell website Available.

Photo source: Barna news agency

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