Co-investment of Diginext, Karaya and NikVentures in Actin startup

Actin is an AI-based platform that aims to help therapists and trainers to continuously evaluate musculoskeletal activities and changes using machine vision. Amir Fakhimi, the CEO of this startup, announced the attraction of Actin startup capital in the form of co-investment from three groups, Diginext, Karaya and Nick Ventures.

Startup Actin started its activity in February 2018 with the Association of Artificial Intelligence in Sports in cooperation with University of Tehran, and entered a new phase of product development in March 2019 by entering the Diginext startup camp. This team was formed with three co-founders in the field of artificial intelligence in health and sports and now continues to operate in this field with more than 10 people.

Amir Fakhimi, the CEO of Actin, explains about the idea of ​​Actin as follows: Actin is a comprehensive platform based on artificial intelligence that analyzes all movement activities of the body. We started developing our product before entering Diginext startup camp, and in the camp we focused mostly on business model and hardware and software tests.

He further added that Actin’s competitive advantage over competitors is in the artificial intelligence models that we have developed. We intend to use the capital raised in this round to enter new markets, develop infrastructure and develop human resources.

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