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One of the ways that can replace traditional classes and prepare you to get high scores in the IELTS exam is to use online English language learning platforms. Hamiyarzaban has started working as a dedicated platform for learning different languages, including English, to help those who want to learn English properly and participate in international tests such as IELTS and TOEFL.

This dedicated platform prepares you step by step to achieve higher IELTS scores, and after participating in Hamyarzaban’s online English classes, you can clearly see the progress of your English language skills.

The online English language class of co-interpreters

Face-to-face English classes are held at specific times and by institutions. Due to the restrictions that exist for working people or students, etc., to participate in these classes, those who want to start learning English with a language class face problems; Because the set schedule is done according to the opinion of the school and language learners do not have the right to change this schedule according to their own conditions.

However, in Online English class No language learner will be deprived of learning this language due to time and place restrictions in holding English classes; Because the online English language class in Hamyarzban is held online and every language learner can choose the best day and time to participate in the online English language class according to the calendar that is intended for the teaching of the professors of this platform.

The advantages of co-interpreting English language classes compared to other language training centers

Among the special features and advantages of Hamyarzban English language classes in comparison with other language training centers, the following can be mentioned:

Choosing the best professors for teaching English

The professors who teach in English language courses are limited, and language learners are forced to choose one or more of them to learn English; However, there is no limit to the choice of professors on the Hamyarzaban platform. The best English teachers have been selected with special filters for teaching English online on this platform, and applicants can choose the best teacher to learn English by checking Hamyarzban’s website.

Adding a partner to the English class

One of the problems of attending private language classes is the presence of a teacher and a student in the classroom. In this case, because only the teacher teaches and the student listens to the lesson, there is less interaction to learn English. However, in English language classes, the amount of this interaction is higher and language learners can interact and learn better. For this reason, it is possible to add a partner to the online English language class in Hamyarzban platform.

By adding a partner to your private language class, you can be more interactive and learn English together with your friends or family members. In today’s life, everyone needs to learn English; Both happy and lively children and young people looking for work and education.

No time limit for learning English

The educational calendar of English language learning should be adjusted according to the opinion of teachers and learners so that English language classes are held on time and with the maximum capacity; But this issue is not seen in English language education centers; Because these institutions try to adjust the educational calendar according to their own structure, and language learners and professors have to attend language classes according to the same calendar.

However, Hamyarzban does not have these restrictions for teachers and language learners. The co-teaching classes are arranged according to the professors’ calendar, and the language professors determine the private tutoring hours. Then, learners can choose the best time to learn English among these hours. The flexibility in scheduling the online English language class of Hamyarzaban allows those interested in this language to learn it in the best way and advance to an advanced level of English and even participate in international tests.

IELTS online class

Those who intend to take the IELTS exam must improve their listening, speaking, reading and writing skills in English to an acceptable level; Because you cannot answer complex and structured IELTS questions and you will not get a good IELTS score by simply learning different English language skills. For this reason, Hamyarzban organizes IELTS classes with a suitable structure and in a targeted manner for international test applicants so that those who intend to participate in IELTS can get well prepared and get the best IELTS score.

Features of IELTS classes Hamyarzban

Among the features of Hamyarzban IELTS classes, we can mention the following:

The presence of professional IELTS teachers

Any professor who has good knowledge of English cannot be a good choice for teaching IELTS; Because teaching IELTS requires knowing the tricks and techniques of this international test. Hamyarzban’s professional IELTS teachers are familiar with the techniques of this international exam and know how to get a high score in this exam; Therefore, those who want to score 7 or higher in IELTS and need a professional IELTS consultant, can IELTS online class Associates register.

Improving various IELTS skills

All people who intend to participate in the IELTS exam do not have an adequate level of English; For this reason, it is recommended that the applicants of this international test improve their general knowledge of English to an acceptable level in the first step. In co-teaching classes, the English language level of each applicant and his/her strengths and weaknesses are determined first. Then, the applicant can enroll in an online IELTS class to improve English speaking, writing, reading or listening by recognizing their weaknesses in the four IELTS skills.

During the IELTS classes, the teachers also get to know the skills of the IELTS applicants and they will guide the IELTS applicants by providing appropriate resources and guidance to strengthen their skills in order to participate in this test. Success in IELTS does not depend on luck; Rather, it is learning the right techniques that will make you successful.

Introducing the best IELTS resources

IELTS resources are not limited and the applicants of this international exam cannot easily choose the best IELTS resources to prepare for this international exam. For this reason, most of those who have participated in the IELTS exam one or more times, try to try different sources to reach the maximum IELTS score and every time they go to new books to study the IELTS exam.

However, this solution will only waste time and money for IELTS applicants, and it cannot be considered as a suitable option for participating in the IELTS exam. Hamyarzaban introduces the best IELTS resources to the applicants to save the cost of IELTS preparation and pass this exam in the first place. These resources are selected based on the knowledge and experience of Hamyarzaban’s professional IELTS teachers and help IELTS applicants to improve their skills in all four skills of writing, listening, speaking and reading.

Online English class

teaching English

Learning English is essential for anyone who wants to live in today’s society; Because for foreign trips, it is necessary to know this language in order to be able to communicate with people from other countries. If you plan to study or work and immigrate to other countries, English education is also necessary for you. To learn science and improve your skills, you must learn English so that you can use various resources published on the Internet and various books.

According to the need to learn English, Hamyar Zaban has made it possible to use private language classes for all those who intend to learn this international language.

Language learning for all ages

Learning English has no age limit and anyone of any age can start learning this international language. Considering that children, adults and the elderly have a specific purpose for participating in English language classes and the level of skills and abilities of all these people are different, Hamyarzaban organizes language classes in different groups.

Adults can take language classes specially designed for this group to improve their English language skills. Special classes for children’s language test have been considered for children, and this age group can participate in special classes to improve their skills. Learning English in the right and principled way paves the way to success and future development for all people

Improving four English skills

If you are weak in just one of the skills of listening, writing, speaking or reading and you want to focus on improving that skill, we suggest you to participate in a private English language training class. In these classes, language teachers teach the language according to the set schedule, and each person can book one or more online English class sessions to strengthen their weaknesses according to their needs.

Learn English in the shortest time

It’s golden time and anyone who is planning to take international or immigration exams understands this more than anyone else. Especially when you have little time to learn English or improve your skills to take international exams, the importance of time multiplies for you.

By participating in Hamyarzban’s English training classes, you can improve your English in the shortest time and complete your study or immigration plans on time; Because on this platform, there is no limit for applicants to participate in various language classes, and any person can attend English language strengthening classes all day or more.

To book an online IELTS class or an online English class, log in to Hamyarzban platform and experience your first online class with one of the best Iranian language teachers.

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