Claim of a member of parliament: Instagram and WhatsApp are likely to come to Iran

10 days after the announcement of the news that the National Center for Virtual Space sent a letter to Meta Company to open a representative office in Iran, a member of the Parliament’s Cultural Commission has assured in a conversation with the Young Journalists Club that Instagram and WhatsApp platforms, which belong to Meta Company, will be sent to Iran. Coming. Javad Nikbin announced in this regard:

According to the reports, it is very likely that Instagram and WhatsApp will come to Iran, and as far as I know, they have accepted Iran’s conditions.

These statements have been made while the National Center for Cyber ​​Space has not published news about Meta’s response to the letter sent by this center and there are still four days left until the end of the deadline for sending the response to this letter, which was sent on the 16th of Mehr.

Nickbean also reacted to Instagram and WhatsApp filtering and did not consider it a suitable solution to reduce the use of these platforms. According to him, “filtering does not make people see less cyber space, by the way, the percentage has decreased by a very small percentage, because there is a huge attack in the field of filtering.”

This member of the Cultural Commission of the Majlis called filtering ineffective and added: “Thoughts are not closed by closing mouths and people do not rest. “We have to change brains, thoughts, views and views, so filtering definitely did not have a positive result.”

The representative of the people of Bardscan and Kashmir considered the increase in the use of VPN as the most important consequence of filtering and said: “Filtering has caused the sale of VPN in the informal space to increase so much that a large part of people’s expenses and money in this country is spent on VPN.” “Whoever manufactures this VPN has nothing to do with us.” According to him, buying a VPN means selling our personal information to an intermediary country and then to the country of origin.

He also pointed out the adverse results of using VPNs and stated that filtering causes trouble for people, foreign exchange goes out of the country, lowers internet purchases and sales, and creates a black market for VPN sales.

In addition to Nikbein announcing that there is a possibility of the presence of a Meta representative in Iran, and with the presence of these representatives in the country, the platforms belonging to Meta will not be filtered, he also pointed to the decision to use a VPN and said:“A serious decision will be taken to prevent the sale of VPNs after the riots, and VPN companies will be stopped from selling them.”

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