Civil registration organization uses face recognition system

Hashem Kargar, the head of the civil registration organization of the country, announced the unveiling of the face recognition system in this organization and announced that this system has been used with the aim of improving services to citizens. This system provides the possibility of image processing and face recognition as input to the system, among the images available in the country’s population database.

The head of the civil registration organization announced this news to ISNA He has explained about the plans of this organization to improve the quality of services to citizens: “The civil registration organization of the country intends to improve the quality and variety of services to citizens regarding the use of new authentication methods and tools, the production of the body and chip of the national smart card. “Upgrading and intelligentizing birth certificate issuing equipment, production of fingerprint and iris scanners, imaging and image processing tools to identify and detect forgery, security and storage equipment, and electronic key and certificate production, should also use the capacity and power of knowledge-based companies.”

Kargar has also emphasized the need to use the power of knowledge-based companies, that a study was conducted in this regard in order to increase the proficiency level of identity documents. In this regard, the production of some software required by the organization is done through knowledge-based companies. Also, in the technological equipment of the data center and subsidiary offices, the production capacity of the knowledge-based company is used.

The head of the civil registration organization informed about the efforts of this organization to use its technological capacities and announced: “In the civil registration organization, the creation of the general department of technology and cyberspace security was also on the agenda, with the aim of improving the security of information technology as the executive arm of the issue. It was created in the information technology department.

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