Chinese’s million-dollar personal scam from Apple

A Chinese citizen who tricked Apple into stealing a total of $ 1 million worth of iPhones has recently been sentenced to 26 months in prison. According to Tekspot, the culprit هی‌تنگ وو He is 32 years old and immigrated to McLean, Virginia in 2013 to study engineering.

The US Department of Justice said in a statement that Hitang Woo received his master’s degree in 2015 and was legally employed two years later. It was not long before this person came up with a nearly three-year plan to deceive Apple.

Hittang Wu apparently received counterfeit iPhones from Hong Kong. These iPhones have the IMEI code and serial number of valid guaranteed iPhones. Wu and his colleagues used fake names to send fake iPhones to Apple, claiming that the devices were genuine, warranted iPhones that had failed.

The main idea of ​​Wu and his colleagues was for Apple to send them real healthy iPhones instead, and Cupertino seems to have done just that. When Heateng Woo and his colleagues received the real iPhones from Apple, they sent them to other collaborators outside the United States, such as Hong Kong.

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Wu also involved other people, such as his own wife, in various activities, such as preparing fake IDs and used letters, opening several commercial mailboxes, and making arrangements for his accomplices to travel to the United States. Wu found that he was able to get iPhones worth about $ 1 million from Apple this way, and he was trying to continue his design. The culprit was arrested in December 2019 along with his partner and has been in custody ever since.

After the trial, Wu confessed to fraud in May 2020. Judge اِمِت جی. Salivan Hittang sentenced Wu to 26 months in prison and $ 987,000 in fines. Judge Sullivan ordered Hittang Wu to lose interest in two condominium units (one in McLean, Virginia and one in Arlington, Virginia). The offender’s wife was also convicted of mail fraud and should be imprisoned for more than five months.

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