Chinese competitor ChatGPT arrived; The ability to create photos, videos and audio from text

Baidu, the Chinese search engine giant, as promised earlier, held an event to unveil a new chatbot called Ernie Bot, which rivals Chat is GPT. ChatGPT has taken the internet by storm since its public release in late 2022, and many companies have started working on a similar tool.

ChatGPT, sponsored by Microsoft, talks to the user like a human and even has the ability to code and write poetry. ChatGPT’s explosive popularity raised alarm bells for Chinese companies. Among the Chinese companies, Baidu was the first to get involved.

Baidu’s exclusive chatbot based on the model Ernie’s AI has been developed and is trying to establish itself as a major competitor to ChatGPT, but even Baidu’s CEO admits that Ernie Bot is not perfect yet.

Robin Lee At Baidu’s chatbot launch event, he said: “We certainly can’t say that this service is perfect. Why did we decide to introduce it today? Because the market has such a demand.”

Chatbot Ernie Bot is introduced while Google injected a set of new artificial intelligence tools into its enterprise software two days ago. Microsoft is expected to add artificial intelligence to Office at a conference this evening.

Contrary to expectations, Ernie Bot’s presentation was a pre-recorded video and didn’t include much detail. Obviously, this event failed to meet the expectations of the market, because as soon as Ernie Bot was unveiled, Baidu’s stock value fell.

Baidu’s CEO showed five Ernie Bot videos at today’s event. In these videos, Ernie Bot answered questions about the Chinese science fiction novel The Three Body Problem. The Baidu chatbot was also able to perform mathematical calculations, recognize various Chinese accents, and create photo, video, and audio content by receiving text input.

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