Chinese companies are trying to beat Samsung in the budget phone market

Chinese smartphone makers have yet to end Samsung’s dominance of the global smartphone market. Huawei came close to that goal but backed out due to trade bans, and Xiaomi still seems to be holding on to its third place on the list of the world’s top smartphone sellers. However, other Chinese companies are not satisfied with these results and are reportedly looking to adopt a new strategy next year.

Chinese companies’ new strategies will focus on low-cost devices instead of promoting flagship phones. This means that Chinese manufacturers are considering a return to their old business plans of developing low-cost products with powerful hardware specifications. According to a report published on Weibo, some smartphone manufacturers in China are planning to bring their products back to the $150 price level next year.

According to SamMobile, Samsung’s competitors are planning to increase their production volume next year, and to achieve this goal, they are trying to improve the set of features as well as the quality of their products. In fact, Chinese companies will once again turn to using higher quality materials and components such as metal frames. They also plan to use an under-display fingerprint sensor in cheaper phones.

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Meanwhile, Samsung phones continue to set new quality standards every year, and even their mid-range phones are dust and water resistant, and for this reason, the competitors of this company have two ways ahead; Either continue to compete by improving the quality and features of their products or get out of the competition.

All in all, it seems that Samsung’s competitors have decided to shift their focus from the premium market to budget phones. The Korean tech giant has been a huge success with its Galaxy A series, and it seems that Chinese manufacturers are considering using Samsung-like measures to beat the company in 2023.

It seems that Samsung is also planning changes to its mid-range phones, and the 2023 Galaxy A series models will probably lack a depth-sensing camera.

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