China’s new graphics card is comparable to Nvidia’s product 7 years ago

The Chinese company GITSTAR, a graphics card manufacturer, has unveiled its new product called JH920. According to GITSTAR, this GPU is faster than the Nvidia GTX 1050 graphics card. The new graphics card of the mentioned company supports AMD FSR technology.

According to the official specifications, the JH920 graphics card has four gigabytes of GDDR6 RAM, 64-bit bus width, and 96 GB/s bandwidth. The frequency of the graphics processor is 1.2 GHz and its processing power is 1.2 teraflops. It is said that the latest GITSTAR product, like the previous products of this company, uses the chip of the Chinese company Jing Jiawei.

The JH920 graphics card has a cooling fan and dual slots and is designed in dimensions of 173.29 x 126.35 x 41.89 mm. The consumption power of this graphic card is 30 watts; As a result, it does not need an external power source to start.

JH920 supports OpenGL 4.0, Vulkan 1.1, OpenGL ES3.2 and OpenCL 3.0 graphic interfaces; But DirectX is not mentioned among them. Also, this product can display H.265 and H.264 format videos up to 4K quality and 60Hz refresh rate.

The Chinese manufacturer has claimed that the JH920 is faster than the Nvidia GTX 1050. One of the important features of this graphics card is support for AMD FSR resolution enhancement technology, which Product introduction video mentioned. The card is also said to support various performance enhancement software.

More technical details and price of JH920 graphics card are still unclear. If this card can really compete with GTX 1050 and run new graphics software smoothly, it will be a turning point for GITSTAR and the domestic market of Chinese graphics card manufacturers.

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