China’s chip industry is only four years behind the US

By sanctioning SMIC, the manufacturer of the Crane 9000S processor, the United States is seeking to delay China’s chip industry by 10 years; But according to the report Bloombergthe company is only four years behind the US chip industry.

Crane 9000S processor in Dell Huawei Mate 60 and Huawei Mate 60 Pro has created many margins. This processor is based on the second generation of 7nm SMIC lithography, which is an old lithography. By controlling the export of indigenous technologies, America plans to keep China behind in the chip competition for 10 years.

SMIC has worried America by making the Crane 9000S processor; But at the same time, some sources say that China has had problems in providing advanced ultraviolet ray (EUV) lithography equipment. This advanced equipment is produced by the Dutch company ASML, which is not allowed to sell the equipment to China.

Chipmaker SMIC has to use deep ultraviolet (DUV) lithography machines, which are old. SMIC has used the same device in the mass production of the Kirin 9000S. The price of the mentioned CPU is not so high.

The Chinese government has earmarked more than $150 billion for the domestic chip industry. Peter Wenik, the CEO of the Dutch company ASML, is against the US controlling Chinese exports. He believes that the more the Chinese government is under pressure, the more they will try to improve.

Many experts consider the manufacture of the Crane 9000S processor as an important achievement due to the US sanctions.

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