China’s 6G network has achieved a wireless data transfer record of 100 gigabits per second

Wireless networks are developing at a very high rate and although many areas around the world are still under service 5G is not yet available, but researchers have already made significant progress in developing 6G. China is known for investing heavily in new technologies, and now a company called No. 25 in this country has reached a very important milestone in the development process of the 6G network and has recorded a wireless data transmission record of 100 gigabits per second.

Institute No. 25 China announced for the first time wireless data transmission at the terahertz frequency level. This development can pave the way for the development of faster and more efficient 6G networks.

As the demand for faster communication solutions increases, we need higher frequency bands. Terahertz communication is a very advanced technology that can provide the bandwidth needed for fast data transfer, and this feature makes it one of the important components of 6G networks. As Gizmochina He writes, standard optical fiber-based networks face challenges such as high costs, long time to implement and deploy, and lack of flexibility. Wireless technology is expected to become more widely used in the future, with more than 62% of the world’s base stations using it by 2023.

The achievement of the institute No. 25 China in terahertz communications involves the use of advanced antennas designed for maximum bandwidth utilization. This development can have various applications, including fast data transmission with short-range bandwidth, as well as very high-speed data transmission between space exploration devices. This communication method also has the capabilities needed to help deep space exploration and the development of new spacecraft.

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