China is accused of pumping cyanide into the ocean to kill marine life

China is accused of pumping cyanide into the ocean to kill marine life

The Philippine Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources (BFAR) has accused Chinese fishermen of using cyanide to kill fish, saying the damage caused to Chinese vessels could exceed $17.8 million. The spokesperson of BFAR said in a press conference: “Chinese fishermen use cyanide. “They are deliberately destroying Scarborough Shoal to prevent Filipino fishing boats from fishing in the area.”

According to Futurism The Philippine Coast Guard is not sure who is responsible for the use of cyanide in the area. A member of the Philippine Coast Guard said: “We have no scientific study or evidence to show that cyanide fishing in this area can be blamed on Chinese or Filipino fishermen.”

Scarborough Shoal is an atoll about 200 kilometers away from the Philippines and is estimated to provide food and income for 385,300 people.

Scarborough Shoal is important for two reasons. Firstly, this island is rich in aquatic life and abundant fishing resources, and secondly, it is considered a safe place for boats to rest in stormy weather.

Cyanide fishing, used in the past by Filipino fishermen to stun or kill fish, is an easy way to catch fish; But it damages the coral reefs which are endangered due to climate change as well as destructive fishing methods. According to the International Marine Life Union in the Philippines, for every live fish caught using cyanide, one square meter of coral reef is destroyed.

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