Checking all package errors and solutions to fix them

Checking all package errors and solutions to fix them

What is the error or error code?

First, it is necessary to give a brief definition about the error or error code. In the past, when a device had a breakdown problem, it was necessary for the repairman to open the device and examine its individual parts. This work was not only time-consuming, but sometimes caused the various parts of the device to suffer more damage and worsen the failure.

Today, with the advancement of technology, sensors have been placed in various devices such as packages, so that if a part of the device has a problem, a special code will be displayed on the screen of the package. Usually, the repairmen are aware of all these errors and can diagnose and repair the package problem in a short time. It should be noted that each brand of package has different errors and the codes are not the same in different devices. In the following, we refer to the types of errors that exist in packages with different brands and models.

Errors of Verona model Butan package

Butan is one of the reliable companies in Iran, which is active in the field of production of heating systems, including heaters, water heaters, and packages, and the quality of this company’s products is comparable to foreign brands. The most important errors for this package model are:

This error appears when the package flame is not lit. The reason for the package flame not lighting up can be a broken gas valve and spark or a broken flame sensor. To solve this problem, ask for help from expert repairmen in this field.

When error E02 is displayed in this package model, it means that the water temperature has risen to such an extent that the device cable is disconnected; In these cases, the repairman should carefully examine the device’s switch and cable.

In the heating circuit of the package, high water pressure leads to this error. In case of the mentioned error, the pressure and filling valve should be checked. If the pressure is lower than three, this error will be easily fixed.

If the water temperature sensor (which is an essential part of the packages) has a problem, the package will display this error. Also, the disconnection of the wire connected to this sensor can also be the cause of this error.

When the water does not circulate in the circuit, this error appears on the package display.

We see this error in the package when the gas valve of the package is faulty. In this case, the presence of a repairman is required to check the valve.

If a problem is repeated in the package, this error will appear; In these cases, you should unplug the device from the power outlet and ask the package repairer for help.

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