Check the condition of the roads with the new Honda monitoring system

It will be much easier to drive between lanes if you know exactly what part of the road your car has. For a variety of reasons, the maintenance of basic infrastructure on America’s streets has been so poor that many of the nation’s highway lines have disappeared, been damaged, and become obscure. In the future, a new pilot program from the Honda Research Institute in the United States could help the departments responsible for monitoring the condition of roads and highways monitor the condition of the roads under their care.

The Honda Road Surveillance System uses GPS cameras and navigation systems found in many of today’s vehicles to monitor instantaneous road conditions and detect potential hazards. This system evaluates the condition of road lines in green, yellow, gray and red. Green and yellow indicate ideal or good quality lines, while red indicates repair and gray means no road markings (such as urban or rural roads). You can watch the introduction video of this system below:

Using car cameras and other sensors, the system records road conditions and synchronizes them with the built-in GPS to provide accurate locations of danger or damage, and then the data is uploaded to a secure server. Once the data is in the cloud, the relevant departments of highways and local transportation can access it through the web portal to see which part of the road needs immediate repair or painting.

Ohio Transportation Director Jack Marchbanks said in a statement Monday:

We regularly inspect our roads throughout Ohio and promptly address issues such as minor or damaged lanes that have been identified. The process is labor intensive. Good rules are important for today’s drivers and tomorrow’s vehicles, we are excited to work with Honda to improve this situation.

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Honda is working with the Ohio Department of Transportation on its upcoming test program, which is scheduled to begin early next year. During the study, it is clear that only selected Honda vehicles will record data to help increase the efficiency of road maintenance operations in Ohio, according to a press release Monday. The research institute seeks to eventually connect the entire fleet of Honda and Acura vehicles, allowing them to share data over V2V (car-to-car) networks and provide instant updates to their ADA systems. .

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