Check the battery health of your Android or iPhone simply

The battery of all smartphones will suffer over time and this issue is really annoying for the users. As time goes by, batteries cannot perform as well as they did in the early days.

When you buy a new phone, you will definitely get a longer battery life compared to a used phone. If you want to ensure the health of your Android or iPhone battery, we will teach you the best methods.

Is it possible to fully check the health of the Android phone battery?

Unfortunately, it is not possible to check the health status of the phone’s battery in the Android operating system. Of course, some basic battery information can be seen in the Android settings. You can enter the settings and from the Battery section, tap on the Battery Usage settings in the three-dot menu on the upper right. You’ll see a list on the battery usage results page that pretty much shows the apps that have been using the most battery.

Android battery settings menu

Android battery settings menu

Although entering this section cannot manage and optimize the battery, at least you can identify programs that consume a lot of battery and limit their use; This can have a great effect on the long-term battery life of your phone.

Checking the health of the battery through the dialer code

The Android operating system has many hidden codes that you can use to access test menus. One of these codes can provide you with various information about your device, such as the battery.

Android test menu

Android test menu

With this, you can see good information about the battery status, but for more detailed checks, you will need to use third-party applications.

Checking the battery health of the Android phone with AccuBattery

The AccuBattery program can be considered one of the best programs for managing and checking the health of the Android phone battery. Although you can’t expect access to a lot of information, the excellent performance of AccuBattery has made it possible to call it the best Android phone battery health check program.

Download AccuBattery: Android

How to check battery health by AccuBattery

Once you download and install the app, you’ll see a new page that displays full information about AccuBattery’s performance. The main idea of ‚Äč‚Äčthis program can be seen as a limited charge cycle of the phone battery, but before you face a decrease in battery performance. In fact, every time the battery goes from 100% to zero, we can say that a complete cycle has happened.

Let’s assume that your phone’s charge has gone from 100% to 50% and you have charged it again and brought it to 100%. If the charge of the phone reaches 50% again, it is equivalent to a full cycle. According to the information published by the developers of AccuBattery, it is known that by charging the phone to 80% instead of 100%, you can increase the battery life and its health. This program will provide you with several different tools to achieve this important goal.

Using AccuBattery

You can easily access the AccuBattery tabs after the initial setup, but not much information will be available to you. In the beginning and to start, you must follow the 80% charging rule; This program has an alarm that will notify when the phone’s charge reaches 80%. If you want to activate the alarm, just change the state of the blue slider from the Charging tab.

Using the AccuBattery app

Using the AccuBattery app

When you connect your phone to the charger and enter the desired section, you will also see information about the charging time. This feature will help you to guess how long it will take to charge the phone.

Which apps are using battery?

You will access information about the phone’s use of the power source in the Discharging tab. This tab shows how much battery is being used when the display is off. Note that you must approve AccuBattery’s full access permission to various applications and data; This will give you access to more information about the battery usage of different apps.

AccuBattery program discharge menu

AccuBattery program discharge menu

This program has an intelligent function and will understand the method of using the phone’s data automatically and over time. Note that using this program and following its functions is different from calibrating the battery, which seems unnecessary.

AccuBattery battery health information

One of the tabs in the AccuBattrey program can be called Health, which is for checking the health of the Android phone battery. This program can check the health status of the battery based on the capacity based on the factory design. AccuBattery allows you to see how long it takes to charge your battery and thus, you can compare the charging time of the device with its new state.

Consider the following diagrams to get familiar with the method of displaying the battery health status; These graphs show well the daily pressure on the battery of the Android phone, and if needed, you can make the desired changes.

AccuBattery battery health information

AccuBattery battery health information

If you want to see a report of the health status of the battery in the past days, just go to the History tab.

AccuBattery settings

Before you start working with AccuBattery, you need to check some important settings in order to get the best performance from the application. You can tap on the three dots on the top right side of the app and enter the app settings. It is not bad to have a general look after entering the settings section.

AccuBattery settings

AccuBattery settings

You can change the temperature unit, the alarm for phone charging and program notifications from the settings. By default, the AccuBattery app displays some battery information continuously; If this feature bothers you, it is possible to disable it.

Step-by-step video tutorial on how to use AccuBattrey

Now that you are familiar with the general capabilities of the AccuBattery program in order to check the health status of the Android phone battery, we are going to provide you with a step-by-step video tutorial on how to use it.

1. First, you need to download and install the AccuBattery app on your Android phone.

AccuBattery battery health control software

2. Next, open the program and go through the training section; You can use the Skip option for this.

AccuBattery battery health control software

3. In this section, you will encounter the main user interface of the program. In this section, you will learn about the charging cycle.

AccuBattery battery health control software

4. By entering the Discharging tab, you can see information about battery discharge.

AccuBattery battery health control software

5. In the health section of the battery (Health), you can see specific parameters such as health percentage, capacity estimation, capacity design and others.

AccuBattery battery health control software

6. You can view the charging status and its details from the History section.

AccuBattery battery health control software

You can easily use the AccuBattery app to check the battery health of your Android phone.

Checking the health status of the Samsung phone battery

Samsung is one of the companies that uses Android as its operating system and has come up with an interesting way to check battery health.

To do this, you need the Samsung Members app, which is probably already installed on your Samsung phone. If not, download it from Google Play and follow the steps below.

First, launch Samsung Members and select the Get Help tab at the bottom of the screen.

Then, in the new menu, select Interactive checks.

Steps to check battery health in Samsung

From this list, select Battery.

You will now be shown information about battery life by Samsung Members.

Steps to check battery health in Samsung

Samsung phone battery health test code

The health test code is one of the common ways to check the phone’s battery. Each of the manufacturing companies have considered codes for their devices that can be accessed by entering various information.

One of the secret codes that can provide information about battery health, pTo provide you with phone vibration, screen light, camera, sensors and other things, it is #*0#*.

Samsung device health test code

You can also check the battery health of your Samsung device by dialing the code *#0228#

Health test code for Samsung phones

Checking the health status of Xiaomi phone battery

Fortunately, there is a built-in feature in MIUI that allows you to check the battery health of Xiaomi phones. However, depending on the model you have, the way to check the battery health in this company’s mobile phones will probably change a little.

But in the following, we have taught a method that is almost the same for all the devices of the mentioned company. To check the health of your Xiaomi smartphone, follow the steps mentioned below step by step.

First, open the dialer (phone) app.

Then enter this code: * # * # 6485 # * # *

By doing this, the battery information will appear and display various codes. In the following, we have explained the meaning of each of them.

Health test code for Xiaomi phones

  • MB_06: This code indicates the health of the battery. The word Good should be written in front of it.
  • MB_00/MF_01: Current battery capacity
  • MF_02: Charge cycles
  • MF_05: Current battery capacity
  • MF_06: Factory battery capacity

You may not see some of the above codes after entering the said number. However, you should be able to see MF_02 (charge cycle) and MB_06 (battery health status).

If you want to calculate the percentage of battery health, you must add the number MF_05 to MF_06 and multiply it by 100.

Battery health in Xiaomi Android phones with MIUI 12 user interface

You can also check the battery health of Xiaomi Android phones in the settings, although it should be noted that not all options are shown. One piece of information you won’t have access to is the battery life cycle, which is considered very important.

Unfortunately, this seems to be the only way for MIUI 12 users to check the battery health of their Xiaomi phones.

First, enter the settings and open Battery & Performance.

Then click on Optimize.

Wait for the system to finish optimizing and then scroll down to see the battery health status.

Attention: This method also works on Xiaomi phones with MIUI 11.

Checking the health status of the iPhone battery

Fortunately, checking the health of the iPhone battery is very simple due to the new Apple tool, and there is no need for third-party tools. iPhone users can view the charging status of the device by entering the phone settings and then the battery section or, if desired, optimize the battery life by selecting the Low Power Mode option.

In the battery health section of iPhone phones in its new operating system, we see attractive features. If you see a message of 100% in this section, it can be said that your battery is in good condition, and if you see 95%, you should know that your phone turned off once and completely by accident. Of course, this blackout is due to the inability of the battery to provide energy. This is not the end of the story, and if you encounter the message of 79% or less, you should know that the health of your iPhone battery is not in good condition.

Using Battery Life app on iPhone

iPhone users whose phones do not have Battery Health can use the third-party app Battery Life. This app allows users to use many of the same functions as Battery Health and even more.

In addition to the fact that users can check the capacity and health status of the battery, it is also possible to view the execution of various services so that it can be concluded which services use more battery.

Frequently asked questions

Now, at the end of the article, it is time to answer your frequent questions. We will examine some of them below.

Can we check the battery life of our iPhone?

Yes. In this article, the method of doing this is fully explained in the section “Checking iPhone battery health status”.

How do I know that the phone’s battery is weak?

There are several things that, if seen, can indicate a weak and damaged battery:

  • The battery drains quickly.
  • The phone does not charge after connecting to the charger.
  • The phone does not hold the charger.
  • The phone will restart automatically.
  • The battery overheats.


Phone battery and its health are very important. Users of Android phones and iPhones should constantly check the condition of their phone’s battery so that if the smallest problem occurs, there is a possibility and opportunity to fix it. AccuBattery and Battery Life programs, which are specific to Android and iOS phones respectively, have shown very good performance and can be described as very valuable for checking the health status of Android phones.

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