Changing the voice in Telegram and WhatsApp

Changing the voice of people or the environment can have different aspects such as anonymity or fun. This is done by reducing or increasing the frequency of the recorded voice (Voice pitch) and adding sound effects or other changes that make the person’s original voice out of the natural state.

There are various programs and tools for changing the sound that you can use to change the volume of the sound or add a sound effect to it by importing an audio file; But what if you need it to happen at the very moment when the phone’s microphone starts recording your voice and other people’s voice?

Of course, this possibility will be very useful, so that instead of recording the sound and then saving and editing it in another program, the changes on the sound spectrum are applied directly during the sound recording. Fortunately, Samsung’s One UI and Xiaomi’s MIUI, which are famous for their innovative features, have answered this demand of many users. In this article, we will teach you how to do this.

Changing the sound on Samsung phones

First, you need to download the Sound Assistant program, one of the subsets of Samsung’s Good Lock tools Galaxy Store download. This program adds more professional and advanced features to the volume control menu and audio settings of your phone. One of its new features is the Voice Changer feature, which we will explain how to activate and personalize.

  • First, install the Sound Assistant program and then run it.
  • Go to the bottom of the program menu and enter the Voice changer section.

Change the sound in the Samsung Sound Assistant application

  • Turn on its option and then tap on different sound models in the Voice effects section to play a sample of it. Alternatively, you can speak in the Record your voice section for three seconds and then tap the models to hear your altered voice.

Change the sound on Samsung One Ui

  • If the result is satisfactory, activate the Always use voice effects option. Next, enter your favorite program (e.g. Telegram or WhatsApp) and send your messages from now on with the new sound effect.

Enable voice change in Sound Assistant

tip: Do not forget to disable the option from this section after this test and sending the desired audio files so that the sound returns to normal.

Change the sound in Xiaomi phones

The MIUI user interface does not directly allow users to change the sound; Rather, this is possible through the management and optimization tool of the game itself called (Game Turbo) and only in order to change the voice of users and protect privacy while the microphone is open in games. However, the said tool allows you to add your favorite programs to the list of games so that you can make changes to your sound.

  • Run the Security app.

Running the Security program in MIUI

  • At the bottom of the screen, select the Game Turbo option.

Running Game Turbo in MIUI

  • On this screen, tap the + icon at the top.

Add the program to the Game Turbo menu

  • Activate the desired program (for example, Telegram or WhatsApp) from the list on the right so that it is added to the list on the left.

Add Telegram to Turbo game menu

  • Go back to the previous menu and scroll on the desired program and select Start playing.

Running Telegram from Game Turbo

  • A gray slider appears on the left edge of the screen. Swipe it to the right and then tap Voice changer.

  • Select the desired sound model and then hold down the blue button to record your voice with the new sound effect and hear its sample.

Change the voice in Telegram with Xiaomi Game Turbo

  • Now you can record and send the modified voice as voice in Telegram or WhatsApp.

If you want to make more professional changes to your recorded sound, there are various softwares made for this, and we recommend that you get to know a few examples of them in the article on the best audio editing software.

Frequently asked questions

How to change your voice in Telegram and WhatsApp?

To change your voice, you can use different applications and edit the recorded voice and then send it to different programs; But if you want your voice to change while sending voice, you can do it by using the Voice Changer feature in Samsung’s Sound Assistant and Xiaomi’s Game Turbo.

Is it possible to change the sound during recording in iPhone phones?

Unfortunately, iPhone phones do not have the ability to process sound while recording; Hence, you need third-party apps to change the sound effect.

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