Changing program icons on Android (Samsung and Xiaomi)

The user interface of smartphones of companies such as Xiaomi and Samsung were famous for various features and customizations in the past, and today, with the release of newer versions, their features continue to be added. A large part of the features of these user interfaces goes back to personalizing its appearance so that the user can change the appearance style of the user interface according to his taste.

Icons play an important role in user experience and user interaction with the phone; Therefore, major smartphone manufacturers try as much as possible to design the user interface and the shape of the icons in such a way that it meets the necessary standards in many aspects so that users do not get tired or have problems working with the phone. However, there is a possibility for users to change the graphics of the icons and their size and shape if they wish.

It is possible to change icons in Android phones in various ways. Even if the user interface does not allow changing the icon, it can be done by installing third-party launchers. However, Samsung and Xiaomi phones have a section called Themes, which allows the user to change various parts of the user interface, including application icons, and access a store of various themes.

In this article, we are going to teach you how to personalize and change the One UI and MIUI user interface icons using the internal features of the operating system or peripheral tools; So stay with Zomit until the end.

Changing the icons of programs in Samsung phones (One UI)

Changing the icons of applications in the Samsung One UI user interface is possible in many ways, and even various developers have produced more professional tools such as HEX for this task. However, there are two simple ways to change the icons in the Samsung user interface.

1. Change icons using ready-made icons in Galaxy Themes

The first and easiest way to change the icon in Samsung Galaxy phones is to use the Themes section of the phone. Galaxy Themes is an app store-like store where designers can offer their own themes, wallpapers, icons, and always-on display designs. In this store, a very wide and diverse range of the mentioned titles can be found, where you can download icons or themes with the desired icon design and use its icon.

Access to Galaxy Theme

  • To start, hold your finger on the main screen of the phone launcher and then tap on Themes. You can also access this section from the settings menu and the Themes option.

Galaxy Themes icons section

  • Next, the Galaxy Themes store page will open for you. In the bottom bar, you can tap on the Icons section to access the icons and find the design you want based on various criteria such as color and design style. Also, by selecting the Top option, you can see the top plans based on the rating.

Galaxy Themes icons section

  • After selecting the desired option, tap Download and then Apply to apply the icon design to the entire user interface.

Changing the design of icons on Samsung phones

  • To go back to the previous design or other downloaded designs, tap on Menu option and then My stuff. Next, select the desired design from any desired section and tap on Apply.

2. Changing and personalizing the icon using icon packs and custom images

If the designs in Galaxy Themes do not satisfy you, there is another way to change the icons of applications and that is to use icon packs. Iconpacks are applications that include a collection of icons and were initially useful for some third-party launchers that supported this feature; But recently, the latest versions of user interfaces such as One UI have added support for icon packs.

Due to the fact that icon packs have existed in Android for a long time, with a simple search in Google Play, you can access various types of them. Each of these applications contains different sets of icons, and their important advantage is that these sets are regularly updated, and they cover a wide and rich range of icons of different applications, except for the default applications of the phone. Therefore, using them gives a more uniform appearance to the phone launcher and their designs can be more liked by users.

To use icon packs on Samsung phones, your phone must be running One UI 4.0 or later. Also, if you are using phones equipped with One UI Core version, this method may not work for you.

  • First, download the Theme Park app from the store Galaxy Store download.
  • Open Google Play and search for Icon Pack. In the search results, you can see different icon packs. For example, the Delta program is one of the most popular programs in this category that you can install.

Icon packs available in Google Play

  • After installing the desired icon pack, open the Theme Park program and tap on Icon from the bottom section. Tap Create New, then Iconpack, and select the installed iconpack program from the Third party icon packs section.

Change the icon pack using the Theme Park program

  • Wait for a preview of the icons to appear. If you want, you can change the icons of the programs separately so that the whole icon pack is not applied. To do this, tap on the top three dots and select Change icons to see the list of apps.

Customize icon packs in Theme Park

  • On any app you tap, you can set a photo from the gallery as the app icon, in addition to changing the app icon to a different design. By selecting Reset, the icon design will return to the default state.

Customize icons in Theme Park

  • By selecting Edit icon, you can change the shape of the icon separately from the Shape section. In the Color section, it is possible to change the internal color of the icon and its frame.

Customize icons in Theme Park

  • After customizing the icons individually, go back to the previous menu. If you want to change the shape and color of all icons at once, you can do this from the Shape and Color section.
  • Finally, tap the Save option above and choose a name for it and install it by clicking the OK button. Click on the created set and select Apply.

Customize icons in Theme Park

  • If you want to go back to the default mode, tap on the applied set from the same app and select Unapply.

Changing the icons of programs in Xiaomi phones (MIUI)

There are different ways to change the icons of apps on Xiaomi phones. Xiaomi phones, like Samsung, have an internal store for personalizing the device using different themes, which also changes the icons. Also, it was possible to personalize with multiple tools and change icons using icon packs; But in new versions of the MIUI user interface, restrictions have been applied that inevitably lead the user to install third-party launchers and create shortcuts and other methods for personalizing icons outside the store.

1. Change the icon using the Themes program

The Themes app, like the Galaxy Themes app for Samsung phones, is a place to offer a variety of designer themes. By downloading themes, you can apply different parts of it in the user interface instead of applying the whole thing. For example, only the icons will be changed. For this, you must first change the region of your phone; Because the themes section is not active for all regions, including Iran. Next, follow the steps below:

  • Open the settings. Then, go to Additional settings and then Region and change the region to India or Indonesia.


  • After changing the region, run the Themes program and find a theme with the desired icon by searching or browsing in different categories. Click on the Free or Premium option to start downloading the theme. After the download is complete, turn off all options except Icons so that only the icons will change. Finally, tap Apply.

Changing the theme on the Xiaomi phone

  • To return to the previous design or other downloaded designs, select Profile from the bottom bar and change the current theme or icon from the Icons or Themes section.

Changing the icon on the Xiaomi phone

2. Change icons using icon packs and third-party launchers

Until version 12.5 of the MIUI user interface, it was possible to create custom themes using different programs and to install them outside of the Themes program; Although the phone theme would return to the default mode after a while; Therefore, it was not a very effective method. In any case, it seems that it is no longer possible to install custom fonts and themes from version 12.5 onwards; So the remaining way is to use third-party launchers that allow changing the icon pack.

There are many third-party launchers that offer the ability to change app icons using icon packs, just install one of them and set it as your phone’s default launcher. Install the desired icon pack from Google Play and apply it from the launcher settings.

Change the icon of the third-party launcher

In addition, the older Xiaomi Poco series phones that run Poco Launcher version 2.7 also support the Icon Pack feature by default. Not to mention, in newer phones with Poco Launcher version 4, Icon Pack support has been removed, and users must use the Themes section to change icons.

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