Chabahar’s representative’s note to the president regarding the removal of restrictions on foreign platforms

In today’s (Sunday, June 7) public meeting, Moinuddin Saeedi gave a verbal warning to Seyed Ibrahim Raisi regarding the limitations of virtual space platforms and the construction of a hospital in Indonesia.

to report StatehouseThe representative of the people of Chabahar, Nikshahr, Kanarak and Qasrqand asked the President: “Closing of cyberspace platforms was in the inflammatory conditions of the autumn of 1401, now that these conditions have passed, what does it mean to continue the restrictions?”

He further considered the 50,000 billion financial turnover of filter breakers as a disaster and an insult to the people and addressed the president: “It is not possible for you as the president and me as a representative to look for the blue tick of Instagram and the nation from virtual business. Therefore, based on Article 9 of the Constitution, I remind the president to take immediate action to remove restrictions from cyberspace platforms.

In another part of his remark, Saeedi pointed out the conditions of Qasrqand, Kanarak, Dashtiari and Zarabad cities, which do not have even one hospital bed, and in this situation, the presidency in Indonesia promises to build 12 hospitals: “Mr. Raisi, where are you in such a hurry?” First, see the endless pains of the people of Sistan and Baluchistan, and then think about the people of Indonesia.”

This representative has been reacting to the filtering of foreign virtual platforms for months. In December of last year, when the user account of the head of state had a blue tick on Instagram and a gray tick on Twitter, he said: “Given the calm conditions in the country, we expect the president to take the issue of virtual space seriously and the platforms that were filtered and caused the unemployment of a huge amount of people. You and I can’t look for blue and gray ticks, but people don’t have access.”

Yesterday, Jalal Rashidi Kochi, another member of the parliament, also pointed out the heavy turnover of filter breakers and said that a profitable and cunning market has been formed behind the filtering curtain. He also called the continuation of restrictions and the continuation of filtering as a form of stubbornness.

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