CEO of WhatsApp: Pavel Dorf’s statements are baseless and to promote Telegram

If you have been following the news, you know that last week, Pavel Dorf, the founder and CEO of the Telegram messaging app, admitted in a tweet that WhatsApp is insecure and that users should stay away from it to protect their personal information. Now, the CEO of WhatsApp has also reacted to this issue by sending a tweet.

In fact, WhatsApp’s CEO’s words target “end-to-end encryption”; A feature that Telegram does not use by default and in a way it can be called as a big weakness for this messenger. The CEO of WhatsApp says in part of his speech:

I do not use Telegram for private activities. Unlike WhatsApp, Telegram does not support default end-to-end encryption and there is no way to enable it for groups; This means that Telegram [همیشه] He has a copy of your messages and that worries me.

In addition, the CEO of WhatsApp emphasizes that Pavel Dorf made the aforementioned claims with the aim of growing his app, Telegram, and is upset that Telegram is trying to use misinformation as a tactic to boost its growth.

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It is interesting to know that Pavel Dorf has repeatedly claimed that end-to-end encryption in messengers such as WhatsApp has more of an advertising aspect; Because ultimately, these messengers rely on cloud services such as Google Cloud or iCloud to back up information, and the backup of messages exchanged in cloud services renders this type of encryption ineffective.

What is your opinion of Zomit users about the WhatsApp and Telegram conflict and do you think end-to-end encryption should become a standard in messengers?

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