CEO of Google: The impact of artificial intelligence is like climate change

Sundar PichaiGoogle’s CEO, referring to the growing global growth of artificial intelligence, likened it to climate change and said that people across the globe share the responsibility of creating the necessary safety measures.

To CNBC reportsAt the meeting of CEOs of the Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (APEC) which was held on Thursday in San Francisco, Emily ChangBloomberg asked Pichai about how to reach a global consensus on “smart regulation for artificial intelligence.”

Pichai said that AI is “proliferating” and that “AI advances will reach all countries, and it’s naturally the kind of technology that I don’t think there’s a unilateral security for.”

The CEO of Alphabet further noted that if one day artificial intelligence creates a problem in one country, that problem can spread to other countries as well; As a result, it is not possible to regulate it locally.

“In some ways, artificial intelligence is similar to climate change and this planet,” said Sundar Pichai. “We all share a common planet,” he continued. I think this applies to artificial intelligence as well.” Google’s CEO said that’s why “the frameworks need to start building globally.”

The search engine giant’s CEO said he sees signs of progress for conversations about creating the structures necessary for artificial intelligence; Among them, we can mention the G7 summit earlier this year.

Also, last week, Wednesday, November 15 (November 24). Joe Bidenthe president of the United States and Xi Jinpingthe president of China, pledged to start dialogues on the issue of artificial intelligence.

This is not the first time that Sundar Pichai talks about the possible dangers of artificial intelligence in the future and the need for global cooperation to control it. Earlier, in an interview with CBS, he mentioned that society is not ready for the rapid advances in artificial intelligence, saying that it is “not a company’s job” to create safeguards.

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