Canon flagship DSLRs reach the end of the road; The Japanese double focus on mirrorless cameras

Following the expansion and growth of the mirrorless camera market, Canon has decided to dedicate a major portion of its products to mirrorless cameras. Fujio Mitarai“Canon CEO, in an interview with a Japanese newspaper”“Humor’s Shimbon” refers to how high-end mirrorless cameras with interchangeable lenses have taken over the market for digital telescope (DSLR) cameras. The newspaper quotes Mitara as saying:

The market is moving rapidly towards mirrorless cameras so we are also increasingly pushing people in this direction.

The article states that the 1D X Mark III is actually the latest model in the EOS-1 series, and in the coming years, Canon will stop developing and manufacturing flagship DSLRs in favor of mirrorless cameras. Of course, this does not mean that Canon will abandon DSLRs altogether.

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While this interview shows that the camera industry is moving towards mirrorless cameras like Canon’s new EOS R3, demand in the low and mid-range DSLR camera market remains high, so Canon is currently continuing to produce these cameras. will give.

Earlier in 2021, Sony abandoned DSLR cameras and turned its attention to mirrorless cameras. Canon and its longtime rival Nikon, however, later turned to mirrorless models; Their new products have a lot to say and have a growing family of lenses compatible with this type of camera.

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