By reorganizing its augmented reality unit, Google is going to battle Microsoft and Aculus

There are reports that Google is planning to change its approach to augmented reality. In order to achieve its goal, the company will divide its augmented reality unit into two divisions: “Devices and Services” and “Platforms and Ecosystems”. Management devices and services department Rick Estrello, It will be responsible for building consumer hardware such as the Pixel and Nest brands, as well as the Aynak AR glasses project.

Meanwhile, the platforms and ecosystems sector is leading Hiroyoshi Lockheimerwill manage collaborations such as the recent deal with Samsung aimed at developing Android-based augmented reality headsets.

Google’s move to split the augmented reality unit of this company has a very strong logic behind it. People can’t seem to agree on what constitutes a combination of virtual and real worlds. Some people call it Mixed Reality; while others refer to it as Expanded Reality.

Also, the Internet search giant is considering more competition with Aculus and Microsoft. Since the ambitious projects Zuckerberg It faced a strange failure in the field of Metaverse, Google should be very careful to operate in a calculated way in this field.

written by Fon ArenaThe reorganization of Google’s augmented reality projects shows the company’s eagerness to profit from investments made in this area. The Internet search giant’s focus will not be only on augmented reality headsets and plans to speed up the process of integrating the said technology with its other services. Last year, we saw the unveiling of Google’s new augmented reality glasses concept that could offer some amazing features.

Currently, Google uses augmented reality technology in many of its services. Google maps and this company’s text translator are also among the services that benefit from the advantages of the mentioned technology. The company also has experience in building augmented reality hardware, and even though Google Glass was a big flop as a consumer product, its second version is still used in various industries.

Now we have to wait to see if Google will turn the failure of Google Glass into a victory in the future.

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