Buying and selling Telegram usernames in Fragment + step-by-step tutorial

Telegram username auction was initially a simple idea from Pavel DurovCEO, it seemed, but Telegram finally made it possible to buy and sell usernames. The popular messenger, which has more than 700 million active users worldwide, now hosts “collectible usernames” in addition to regular usernames.

Collection usernames are actually special and popular usernames that Telegram seeks to earn money from. In addition to the main username, users can add a few collection usernames to each of their public accounts and groups.

According to Telegram, the ownership of collective usernames is under the protection of the TON network, which relies on the blockchain.. Collective usernames are somewhat similar to standard usernames, but they also have some important differences.

Collected usernames appear in Telegram’s internal search engine. These new usernames have a dedicated link in the format or Collection usernames, unlike normal usernames, do not include the minimum five-character limit; For this reason, unique IDs such as @Tech can be created.

Telegram says that the owner of the username can disable it so that it does not appear in the internal search engine.

Collectable username feature in Telegram

The user account attributed to the TON network on Twitter claims that Telegram has sold more than 50 collectible usernames worth about 9.12 million dollars in recent weeks. The most popular username was @Auto, which sold for 900,000 Tokens ($1.4 million). The usernames @Bank and @Avia fell into the hands of the new owner for 850,000 toncoins ($1.3 million) and 800,000 toncoins ($1.2 million), respectively.

If you own one of the collectible usernames, you can make good money by selling them. The interesting thing to note is that Telegram has made it possible to convert normal usernames into collective usernames. Thus, if you have an attractive username, you can try your luck to earn money.

What is a fragment?

The main page of the Fragment platform for selling Telegram usernames

Telegram to buy and sell collectible usernames to a platform called Fragment relies on Fragment is a free platform aimed at facilitating the trading of collectible items among users. Selling in Fragment is done in a direct, safe and anonymous way. Fragment also hosts public auctions and any user can participate in these auctions.

Fragment is developed based on the TON network. TON is a special project from former Telegram developers, but is now managed by the open source community and Telegram has no role in its development.

What is a collectible item?

A collectible item is a unique digital asset that is permanently registered on the TON public blockchain. TON provides a free, distributed and secure interface for developers to integrate collectibles with their platforms.

Once you own a collectible item, you own it forever, and you can display, sell, or take advantage of its special benefits. The specific benefits of collectibles depend on how they are supported on different platforms.

Fragment platform is integrated with Telegram usernames so that users can buy and sell attractive usernames in a safe platform. Telegram also allows its users to convert normal usernames into collectible usernames.

How to buy collectible items?

Telegram says that the purchase of fragment collectible items is done through a special currency called Toncoin. As with other auctions, the amount you pay for each username is directly dependent on other bids made by other users.

To use Toncoin, you must first create a digital wallet and charge it, and finally connect the wallet to the Fragment platform.

Creation of Walton Coin

In order to make Walt Toncoin, Roy This link Click and install the Tonkeeper application. This application is available for Android and iOS operating systems. After installing the application, open it and go to Get Started > Create New Wallet and follow the different steps shown on the phone screen.

Next, you will be faced with a numbered list of words. This list is equivalent to your password and you should definitely write it down somewhere. If you forget the password, you will lose access to the wallet forever and there will be no way to recover the password. When the wallet is lost, the money and collectibles in it will also be inaccessible.

Top up Toncoin wallet

Once the wallet is ready, you need to top up your account. If you have stored your Token elsewhere, scan the QR code in the Receive section. If you don’t have Token, you need to buy it. By referring to This linkyou will have access to the list of services that enable the purchase of Toncoin.

Screenshot of the Tonkeeper application for Walton Coin

Regardless of the platform you choose to buy Toncoin, remember to enter your wallet address during the purchase process. If you do not enter your wallet address correctly, you will lose everything you have purchased. For security, copy and paste the wallet address directly from the Tonkeeper app.

Don’t forget that it may take up to 30 minutes for Toncoins to be added to your wallet, so don’t panic if Toncoins aren’t added right away.

Connecting Wallet to Fragment and Telegram

After Toncoin appears in the wallet, open the fragment website and log in to your account through the option at the top of the page. At the top of the page, the Telegram login widget can be seen. In this section, by entering the mobile number, you can enter the Telegram account and connect it to the fragment. Even if you participate in the auction, other users cannot see your Telegram account or mobile number, because everything is done anonymously.

After logging in to Telegram, use the Connect TON option to log in through the Tonkeeper application. If you are entering the fragment from a device other than the original device, scan the QR code through the Tonkeeper application. Otherwise, you can click on the option below the QR code.

Toncoin tender

After connecting to Fragment, you can participate in the auction and start buying collectible usernames. For this purpose, click on one of the public auctions, enter the desired price, confirm it and then complete the payment process through Tonkeeper.

During the auction, anyone who announces a certain price earlier than the others, gets that bid price. If you are unable to purchase the username at the suggested price, the Toncoin you paid will be returned to your account.

Auction Telegram usernames

Telegram logo icon on iOS iPhone screen

After buying a collectible username, you can sell it directly to another person or go to the username auction on the Fragment platform. For this purpose, click on My Assets in the fragment profile and choose one of the two options Sell Username or Put Up for Auction.

Telegram says that if you’re looking to auction a username, you can set a “maximum price” for it. As soon as a user bids that price, the auction ends. All transactions in Fragment include a five percent commission.

Auctioning off common usernames

One of the most attractive features of the Telegram auction system is that normal usernames can also be auctioned. With this, your username Permanently It becomes a collective username. If you own a regular username and want to sell it, follow the steps below:

1. Log in to Fragment platform through Toncoin wallet and Telegram user account.

2. in part In the My Assets profile fragment, click Convert Usernames to Collectibles.

3. In the new list, select one of the usernames. To prevent possible abuses, new usernames may not be displayed immediately.

4. In the fourth step, set an initial offer. Buyers must pay the minimum amount announced by you to acquire the username.

5. Scan the QR code through the Tonkeeper app to place the first bid in the new public auction.

If the auction ends and no bids are submitted, you will own the collectible username and Toncoin Wallet will refund the original bid minus a five percent fee. No amount will be charged from the user to convert a normal username to a collection username. If someone makes a higher bid, you will get your initial bid back immediately. When the auction is over, Telegram will give you all the revenue after deducting the fee.

The proceeds from the sale of usernames are automatically transferred to the wallet you have connected to Fragment. A collectible username will automatically be made available to the wallet that has made the highest bid.

Adding a collection username to Telegram account

Man shadow with Telegram logo in background

Once you take ownership of your collectible username, you can add it to your personal account, public groups, or even channels. Telegram says that you can add a maximum of one normal username and an infinite number of collection usernames to a personal account, group and channel. You can change the display order of usernames on the profile information page or disable usernames entirely.

Connect to fragment

Before assigning a username to the profile, you must connect your Telegram account and Tokencoin wallet to Fragment. We explained the method of doing this above. Do not forget that the wallet you connect to the fragment must be the same wallet that contains the collection username.

Add username to profile

In the fragment, open the My Assets page and click on the Assign to Telegram option. On the new page, select one of the chats you want and then select the Assign option. This choice is not permanent and you can later assign the username to another profile or group.

Activate the collection username in Telegram

After assigning a collection username to the profile, you must open the Telegram application. If you are using a personal profile, go to Settings > Username > Enable and set the order of usernames according to your taste. If you are using a group, enter the settings of that group and go to Group Type > Links Oder and click on the username to activate it. In public channels, follow the same steps as the group.

Telegram says users using version 9.1 and older versions of the app may only see your first profile username.

common questions

What is the collection username in Telegram?

Collection username is a new type of Telegram username that has additional features and can be bought and sold.

Is it possible to sell Telegram username?

Yes. Telegram has made it possible to buy and sell usernames through the fragment platform.

What should we do to sell Telegram ID?

Buying and selling Telegram IDs requires having Toncoin Wallet, which we explained how to make in this article.

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