Buying and selling a car goes hand in hand

On the opposite side as well car sale It is said that although it may seem easier than buying a car, when you enter it, you will face many challenges. Especially in the current situation where determining the specialized price of the car has become an ambiguous issue. In general, if you want in the open market, proceed to Car sales You have to deal with a lot of problems.

There are generally 4 major challenges in the process car purchase It has led to having an expert companion and consultant for Car sales Become an inevitable necessity.

Choose the best option that fits your budget

You may think to yourself that now that imports are banned and the trading process is only on the heels of domestic diversity and assembly models, car purchase It is also easier to do than before; But you are wrong.

car purchase; For various reasons, such as fluctuations in car production and imports, exchange rates and inflation, face many changes. Also, due to lack of knowledge of technical specifications and market conditions and irrational rates announced, people are less inclined to car trade On the other hand, our experience over the years shows that 72% of used cars have at least one technical or body problem; In such a situation, there is a need for specialized and experienced specialists to help us in selling a used car at a real price, in addition to being experts in buying a used and reliable second-hand car.

Choosing a safe option at zero-kilometer Chinese and domestic or second-hand imported car purchases, in addition to buying used Chinese or zero-kilometer Iranian models, is difficult enough that in practice the risk car purchase To greatly enhance without consulting, expertise and specialized pricing.

In fact when in the process car purchase Numerous factors such as budget, car price drop, gasoline consumption, annual maintenance costs, lifestyle and number of family members affect the final choice. Therefore, in a situation where the car is more of a capital good than before, it is very important to choose the best option that fits the budget in order to prevent financial losses due to the wrong choice.

Mobile mechanic

Determine the exact price of the car

Buying and selling a car in the current state of the Iranian economy has become a polynomial equation. The fact is that fluctuations in car prices over the past months have caused cars, like items such as gold, coins, currency and even stock exchanges, to be priced on a daily and specialized basis. So in the current situation, it is not possible to accurately determine the price of cars based on traditional methods, and even car activists are unable to determine the exact price of different types of cars due to lack of control over the purchase and sale of all cars and lack of sufficient market information.

In the current context of the reference market, which constantly monitors car price fluctuations, has access to first-hand information on car transaction prices, not just ad prices, and provides a secure, supervised space for buyer-seller communication. Accurately calculate the price of the car.

Ensure the technical health of the car body

A review of statistics shows that more than 70% of used cars in our country’s market have at least one technical defect, body or option.

According to reports from more than 275 thousand escorts in purchases by Mobile mechanicBody defects, including paint parts or 45% replacement, are the most common problem among second-hand vehicles. In the second and third categories, there are technical problems such as oil leakage, defects in the dressing, manipulation of car kilometers and abnormal noises with 34%, in addition to defects in the performance of options with 12%. Items that can each reduce the price of the car.

The importance of car damage information becomes apparent when just replacing a fender in a car like the Peugeot 207 automatic can reduce the value of the car by 16 million tomans. The price drop for the 2017 Kia Sorento UM GT-LINE full-option reaches 72 million Tomans.

Accurate technical expertise and car body is a highly specialized action and requires special knowledge, skills, experience and equipment. On the other hand, knowing the possible damages in each vehicle and sufficient experience will reduce the amount of errors in the expert process to a minimum.

Mobile mechanic

Legal risks

In the market these days, the reduction of diversity and the increasing heat of the second-hand car dealership has provided the ground for fraud. Incomplete documents of car owner, mortgage of car, purchase of car with power of attorney, preparation of manual certificates and lack of legal validity are among the issues that can cause many legal problems. For these reasons, it is recommended that you seek legal advice to buy a car.

Mobile Mechanics; Buy with, sell with

The experience of more than 275 thousand companions in shopping has led Hamrah Mechanic to reach a high understanding of the market and the needs of customers and to be able to design a service that will ultimately lead to an extraordinary experience in car purchase Be. Zero to one hundred accompaniment in the whole car process, has created important and fundamental values ​​for car buyers so that they can feel comfortable in every way. The most important benefits car purchase From the exhibition Guaranteed cars Mobile mechanic ( These are:

  • Get expert advice on choosing the best car for your budget by accessing market analysis data and car offer tools
  • Introducing the expert cars available in the exhibition along with the mechanics with a complete and accurate expert report
  • Get a guarantee 100 percent On the car expert report
  • Coordination and accompaniment of car visits
  • Ensuring transparency and security in the transaction by accompanying the legal expert at the time of concluding the affidavit, changing the license plate and notaries
  • Buy a car at a fair price through mobile access to the price of car deals
  • Receiving various financial services to ensure the buyer’s budget deficit
  • Receive after-sales service including body insurance, roadside assistance, on-site refueling, etc.

Mobile mechanic From zero means the moment of the idea car purchase It flashes in your mind for up to a hundred months, that is, months after you bought the model you wanted. To use all kinds of car services, it is enough to enter Mobile companion site ( Become.

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