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It can be said with Buying a CCTV camera You will experience security with satisfaction. in the selection CCTV Several factors are considered. So that the buyer’s needs are met in the best possible way.

Important points in choosing CCTV cameras

Choosing the right type of security camera and how to set up security systems is a very specialized process that can be performed by experienced experts. The number of cameras required, their location and other options will determine and guarantee the level of security of the environment. In the following, we are going to express the points that at the time Buying a CCTV camera will be helpful.

The purpose of setting up a security system and CCTV

Application CCTV It is summarized in two categories:

  1. Security: Of the main uses CCTV, creating more security in the living and working environment. Cameras are very useful in preventing danger. With the checks that have been done on the recorded and saved images and by reviewing these images, many damages have been compensated and many thefts have been tracked.
  2. Monitoring: In office environments and factories, from CCTV It is used both to ensure the safety of supplies, equipment and raw materials and to monitor the quality of employees’ work.

According to the type of application that It has a CCTV cameraThe appropriate option will be chosen by the buyer.

A detailed examination of the places that should be in the camera’s view

CCTV It is usually installed in places that are more important in terms of security and surveillance. It is necessary to install cameras in the corridors, parking lot and at the entrance.

Select the type of CCTV camera

In selecting the type CCTV, important factors are considered. Including:

  • The material of the body and its level of endurance
  • Night visibility
  • The type of angle of view of the lens CCTV
  • The dimensions and rotation rate of the camera according to its use
  • installation topology (Wireless CCTV or with wiring)
  • And …

Features of the Sfiord camera

The amount of hard drive or memory required

All video and audio data are stored in the memory of a security system. Number CCTV The one who sends the image, the quality of the image, the number of days that the images are stored and the amount of backup data have an effect on choosing the amount of memory. For example, to store the information of four cameras, a hard drive with a volume of one terabyte is suitable.

The brand of CCTV cameras

There are many types of CCTV cameras in the market. Choosing a good brand that is made of high-quality chipsets and components with a long lifespan is not an easy task, ask for advice from experienced and expert people to buy a CCTV camera.

Our suggestion to you Sfiord wireless cameras It is the most reliable manufacturer brand Wireless CCTV It is in Iran and by relying on global knowledge and the needs of Iranian users, it produces and markets products with acceptable quality and in accordance with the budget and needs of users in Iran, and by creating communication platforms based on internal servers, the problems of sanctions against It relieves Iranian consumers and that all Esfiord products have a warranty and after-sales service.

Sfiord wireless cameras

CCTV service provider company

Currently, the number of companies that sell equipment related to security systems and CCTV cameras is not small. in the selection CCTV shop It is necessary to pay attention to the following points:

  • The company must work legally and have a license to operate.
  • He has sufficient expertise and knowledge in the field of monitoring systems and can be a good consultant for you in this field
  • The best brand of security equipment has been sold and has a warranty for its products.
  • It has a good and expert support team and answers questions and problems that arise.

If you are looking for a way to secure your workplace, home, building, shop or store, the first step is to set up a system. CCTV Is. You have prevented a lot of damage by making a proper investment and setting up a security system with quality equipment.

In most of the robberies and incidents that have occurred in a place, the existence of cameras has been very helpful and has compensated the damages to a large extent.


Now, with these interpretations and explanations made in this article, you can draw conclusions. For some people, image quality is a priority and for others, the price of a CCTV camera is a priority.

You can enter the site to buy a CCTV camera after choosing your CCTV camera The name of communication with address become

When buying a CCTV camera, an experienced consultant will guide you in choosing the best video surveillance system according to your needs. You can also call for a free consultation by calling 02188829043 Call.

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