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In recent years, the name of the Chinese company Huawei has been heard a lot due to the strong presence of the company’s communication products in the Iranian market. The company, headquartered in China, specializes in the production of networking and communication equipment and has been able to gain a good market share. The products of this company benefit from acceptable manufacturing quality. Modem communication technologies have undergone many changes in recent years, and now Huawei modems have found their place among the equipment needed to connect to the Internet. The presence of this brand in the middle Network equipment Saran Market, as a reputable and active online store in this field, is proof of this. In this article, we try to review the HUAWEI L01s modem, also known as HWS32MWA.

This modem supports TDD and FDD internet services, in other words, you can use both TD-LTE and 4G SIM cards to connect to the Internet. This modem is offered in Saran Market online store with the ability to use the SIM card of all operators, so you will not have to worry about the operator and you can use the first mobile SIM cards of Irancell and other Iranian operators.

Check the appearance of Huawei L01s modem

The cylindrical and creative design of this product has given a lot of charm to the appearance of this modem. The quality of the material used in the body of the L01s modem is high quality and its matte color is really eye-catching. At the bottom of the body, the base is the same width as the body in silver, and the combination of the two has been able to give this product a professional look. This beautiful cylinder has a height of 180 mm and its cross section is a circle with a diameter of 93 mm. This valley size is actually designed for home use and if you want this modem in your organization environment in Network and server rack Maintain, you should consider space equivalent to about 4 or 5 units for it.

Huawei L01s modem for sale

The HUAWEI logo is the first thing you see on the front panel of this modem. This modem has a good compatibility with the body design. Of course, indicators in different situations may be seen in other colors, for example, when the Internet connection is not established properly, this indicator is visible in red or when trying to communicate in a blinking yellow.

In the meantime, two keys, MODE and WPS, have been installed, the design of which at first glance has been done in an integrated and artistic way, and we can see the beautiful structure on the front panel of this modem.

On the back of this modem, there is a hardware RESET button, which, like most network equipment, uses a pin or needle to return the device to its original factory settings. Then there’s the USB 2.0 port, which allows those connected to the modem to share data on removable storage such as hard drives or flash drives. After that, we see two Gigabit Ethernet network ports, which can be connected to this modem as a cable using a network patch cord (network cable). At the bottom is the power socket to which the 12V 2A adapter in the package of this product is connected and provides the required power of this device. A felt cord patch is also delivered to the buyer in the package of this product.

The SIM card slot is embedded in the lower part of this modem, which will host the SIM card in nano dimensions, and around it, the specifications of the Wi-Fi network, the network password and other specifications of the device are written. Above the modem is the NFC scan area, which you will learn more about later.

Connect to Huawei L01s modem

As mentioned earlier, this modem has the ability to connect both wired and wireless. The WiFi of this modem is Dual Band and both 2.4 and 5 GHz bands are available. The antenna of this modem is MIMO 4X4, in other words, 4 internal antennas are installed for it, which use two antennas to send and the other two to receive data.

There are various ways to connect to this modem via Wi-Fi, which brings convenience while security. The first method, according to the normal routine of most modems, is to use a password, which, as mentioned, can be found at the bottom of the modem, and by entering it, you can easily connect to the modem. The next solution is available in most modems, which is possible by using the WPS button on the front panel of the modem, but the device that intends to connect in this way, must also support WPS.

Apart from the common methods, there are two other methods for this modem. If you look at the bottom of the modem, you will also see a QR code that can be easily scanned with a mobile camera and authentication is formed, quickly and easily. Communicates. Also as a last resort, the top of the modem is built into the NFC scan area, which phones with this technology can easily connect to the modem as it approaches this area. Only mobile phones with Android operating system can use this feature, and this modem is not compatible with NFC on Apple mobile phones.

Huawei L01s modem

At the 5GHz frequency, the 802.11 ac standard is used, which provides a maximum data transfer speed of up to 1300 Mbps for the Wi-Fi network of this modem. The phrase SPEED WiFi HOME engraved on the back of the base of this modem actually refers to the high speed of the home network of this modem due to this technology.

As a final point in this section, it should be said that this device supports common security protocols such as WEP, WPA, WPA2, etc., and you can easily change it through its web panel as well as the WiFi connection password.

Huawei modem technical test L01s

Our colleagues in the technical unit of Saran Market, after hours of testing this modem and technical reviews, have achieved good results. This modem nominally hosts up to 42 users simultaneously, and in the studies performed, the modem processor showed acceptable operation without increasing the temperature and decreasing the speed. Also, the statistics announced by the manufacturer were examined, all of which were consistent with the tests performed. The SIM card of all operators was compatible with this modem and the speed test for downloading and uploading on Irancell SIM card had the highest rate. Of course, the coverage and antenna coverage of operators are different and these numbers may be different.

Overall result of the Huawei modem review L01s

According to studies and reducing the number of modems such as Irancell TF-i60 H1 in the market, this model can be a good alternative. Of course, Irancell tried to launch the TF-i60 S1 model, which is actually a localized model of H1, but its relatively poor build quality made it not have a significant position among users. This newcomer modem will also be the main competitor of its brother, the Huawei B612 modem, in terms of winning the L01S both in terms of price, design elegance and more features.

One of its weaknesses is the lack of external antenna communication connector, which will not cause any problems due to the type of use of this modem in home spaces or small to medium organizations, as well as the type of internal antenna used.

In general, it can be said that the strengths of this modem convince every user to provide it without hesitation and to provide high facilities and quality in small dimensions. To get this modem and all the required network equipment, and buy all kinds of digital goods at the best price, you can now go to Saran Market online store Visit and have your goods available anywhere in the country.

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