Building a free SMS system in 4 simple and short steps with an official platform

The main use of SMS panels is to send bulk SMS. To launch a profitable advertising campaign, you must prepare a system that has the following basic features:

  • Scheduled sending: You can set sales discount programs that repeat in similar time periods in advance in the system so that the SMS will be automatically sent to many people at the designated time.
  • Sending by region: With this functionality, you can send SMS ads to potential customers who are in different cities, regions, and neighborhoods.
  • High-speed sending: With this feature, your business will be introduced to a large number of people in a very short time.
  • Take advantage of the job database: Your products may be very useful for some jobs. The segregated information bank of jobs prepared by Amut is available to the buyer for free along with the SMS panel.

In the design of the SMS panel of Amut company, all these features that play an important role in the quality of advertising campaigns have been well considered.

Sending advertising SMS or services are done through different operators and with special numbers. By preparing a dedicated line for sending and receiving SMS and managing them, you can make your brand more special and lasting. If you want to receive replies to messages sent in your panel, we must say that only dedicated lines have this capability.

Send SMS to blacklist

Some people who are not happy with receiving miscellaneous SMS, it is no longer possible to send SMS to them by asking the operator; Unless SMS panel is used for this purpose. Of course, it is worth mentioning that the Amut company has guaranteed the message to reach the blacklisted people, thus guaranteeing you to be sure of the effectiveness of your marketing without any doubts.

Sound has a significant impact on the audience due to having more dimensions and details than the text; Because emotions can be transferred with it and make the customer excited about the offer and double the luck of the seller. You can record the sound yourself or if you want it to be done more effectively, you can entrust your work to SMS Amut Company so that we can produce great audio content for you.

Customer retention is always more important than customer acquisition, which happens to cost less than new customer acquisition. The requirement for this is to have a list of those who have already bought from you so that you can send them a notification message again at the right times. Amut SMS has provided this feature by designing an advanced phonebook in the SMS panel.

Information security

The security of customers is one of the very important points that should be given special attention; This means that customer information should not be disclosed in any way and should be protected in a completely safe way in the SMS system.

In Amut’s SMS system, reports are presented in a completely professional and effective way so that dear customers can accurately analyze the results of sending their messages and optimize their strategies. The results of your advertising campaign can always be seen with the presented charts.

Send a long text message

Many people have problems with sending long text messages and do not know how to send a long text to people; Because they are faced with the limit of the number of characters when sending text messages on behalf of the SIM card operator. The best solution to this problem is to use the SMS sending panel.

Login to the SMS system

To enter your SMS system, first enter the mobile number so that the verification code will be sent to you. After entering the verification code, you will enter your equipped SMS panel.

In this article, we talked about one of the powerful methods of marketing and advertising, and we introduced SMS sending panel in full. To send mass and targeted SMS to the target community, you need to use the services of an SMS service provider. For this purpose, we introduced the Amut SMS company, which is the provider of the best SMS system with strong support.

You can get more information about the sales plans of this company’s powerful SMS panel This link See.

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