Brian Johnson; A man who seeks immortality

Brian Johnson;  A man who seeks immortality

Man’s desire to stay young and immortal is not a new issue, and perhaps since the time mankind achieved civilization, this dream has been in his head. Many alchemists have tried to obtain the Philosopher’s Stone to transform copper into gold and achieve immortality. The first emperor of China was poisoned with mercury while trying to obtain the elixir of eternal life and died at the age of 49. Elizabeth Bathory, a vampire from the Hungarian nobility, took the lives of hundreds of young girls in order to bathe in their blood and stay young. Many myths and stories like Gilgamesh and Dorian Gray There are about eternal life.

In today’s world, this desire for immortality is mixed with science and technology and has taken a newer face. The rich, who have experienced almost everything and many impossible things have been bought and possible for them, now believe that eternal life can also be bought. The investment frenzy among billionaires has created the belief that death is optional, or at least a solvable problem.

Sam Altman One of the founders of artificial intelligence company OpenAI and Peter Thiel, One of the founders of PayPal has invested in a company called Minicircle, which researches in the field of human genetic improvement to increase life. According to reports, Jeff Bezos The Amazon founder has also invested in Altos Labs, a startup focused on cellular rejuvenation. Jeff Bezos and Peter Thiel were both early investors in Unity Biotechnology; A company dedicated to developing treatments to slow or reverse aging-related diseases. Peter Thiel contracts with a service that freezes his body when he dies and takes him to Scottsdale, Arizona, so that he can one day come back to life by protecting his body with the help of machines and chemicals.

The billionaires of the tech world are looking for a way to immortality

The acceptance of anti-aging methods is not only reserved for celebrities in the field of technology. Elite athletes use treatment methods such as hyperbaric rooms and cryotherapy and recovery sleepwear to keep their bodies young.

But in this article we want to talk about a man named Brian Johnson Let’s say that he is not a normal investor or a normal consumer. He is someone who is willing to make himself a lab rat to achieve anti-aging methods that actually work.

Brian Johnson He is a really strange man; He believes that people who think there is a limit to how long a person can live do not know what they are talking about. Johnson’s attempt to “not die” is not just about resting or maintaining muscle mass, but about turning his body into an anti-aging algorithm. He thinks death is optional and plans to never die.

Brian Johnson wants to turn his entire body into an anti-aging algorithm

Brian Johnson is a tech entrepreneur who, after becoming successful in his payment processing business and amassing a fortune of $400 million, has dedicated himself to staying young and not dying. She spends her waking hours taking care of herself and her sleeping hours evaluating and tracking her body, from heart rate to sexual health. All these efforts are defined in the form of a project that Johnson calls Blueprint.

Johnson does not have a dedicated platform for promotion and everything is with him; In essence, he can be considered an active influencer who tries everything on himself, of course, under the supervision of healthcare professionals. He shares a daily report on his health status on social media.

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