Breathtaking images of the magical Plitvice Lakes in Croatia

Plitvik lakes are one of the wonders of nature; Where the clash of water and rock has created stunning waterfalls and lakes. Croatia is a small country, but it contains an incredible diversity of habitats and species (the great floodplains of the Danube and other rivers to the amazing diversity of limestone landscapes and the Adriatic Sea).

Goran Shafark He studied biology. Worked at a university studying animals (reptiles and amphibians) in research and conservation projects around the world, mainly in tropical Africa, Asia and Latin America. He has written several natural history books about Croatia. For years, Goran Šafark has been promoting the natural values ​​of Croatia in addition to defining the cultural values ​​and sustainable tourism of Croatia.

This industrious man always carries his camera with him to document natural history. Since these images are in high demand, over time, Shafarak has expanded his activity as a natural history photographer. He recently started working on nature documentaries and made the film Rivers of Croatia, which was also broadcast on several European TV channels. Shafark has also worked for the BBC and Nat Geo Wild.

In the following, you can watch Shafarak’s pictures of different views of Plitvik Lakes; Pictures of places that even Croatian people have not had the chance to visit.

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