Bob Egger: If Steve Jobs hadn’t died, Apple and Disney would probably have merged

In recent years, the issue of merging Apple and Disney has been hotly debated, and for some time the two companies have been negotiating a lot to bring this very big event to fruition. However, the scope and importance of this issue is so great that many consider it impossible at this point.

Bob IgerFormer Disney CEO and former board member of Apple has said that if he survives Steve Jobs, We’ve probably seen the merger of Disney and Apple. Egger says the late Apple founder and CEO has always been interested in Disney business and combining technology with creativity, and that was what increased the likelihood of the two companies merging. He goes on to say:

Liberal arts on the one hand and technology on the other. This was what made Jobs his heart beat. Disney content is consistent with the way Apple is changing the way content is presented to users. I firmly believe that if we continued the discussions, we would have succeeded.

It is interesting to note that this is not the first time that the possibility of merging Apple and Disney has been raised. He also said in his diary in 2019 that he believed that if Steve Jobs was still alive, the two companies would merge or at least seriously discuss the possibility.

The report states that Egger and Jobs have been negotiating for months; Of course, it is said that at first the two had a weak relationship and the bond between the two became stronger when Disney bought Pixar. Pixar’s most popular animation studio was originally owned by Steve Jobs, and its sale to Disney made Jobs the largest individual shareholder and a member of Disney’s board of directors, who could play a role in many important decisions.

It goes without saying that the Jobs family is still a major shareholder in Disney; However, they do not seem to have much interest in interfering with Disney policies.

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Evidence shows that Jobs considered Egger to be a real partner; For this reason, he chose the CEO of Disney to replace him on the board of Apple. However, Egger left Apple’s board in September 2019, citing “conflicting beliefs and paths instead of common goals.” In addition, he announced his final departure from Disney in February 2020.

In general, Apple and Disney are structurally very close to each other, and the interesting thing is that Disney, unlike other companies providing content streaming services, has always had a close relationship with Apple. As we have said, at this stage, the possibility of merging the two companies is very low; But in the event of that happening, Apple could reach billions of Disney users and hundreds of Disneylanders, and Disney could prioritize its service on Apple’s billions of devices.

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