Bluejunior, an Eid suitable for your child

Bluejunior, an Eid suitable for your child

This is BlueJunior’s special offer; A product of Bluebank Saman designed for children aged 7 to 14 and an opportunity through which you can open a bank account for your child and gift this year’s Eid in a different way along with teaching financial issues.

What is Blue Junior?

BlueJunior is actually an independent bank account with a personal BlueCard application for your child and allows them to open an account in Blue and learn financial concepts easily from the same age with your supervision and help. Therefore, this account not only provides a space for teaching financial issues to the child, but also gives him controlled financial independence.

How to use BlueJunior?

To receive BlueJunior, it is enough:

  • Have a blue account
  • Download and install BlueJunior application
  • In the application, open an account for your child

The requirement for using BlueJunior is that you, as the child’s parent, are a Blue user. After installing Blue Junior, you will be asked to enter the child’s identity information and go through the authentication process by entering the parent section and entering your Blue account information.

BlueJunior allows you to create bank accounts for up to four of your children and have separate access to each account.

Note that only one parent can access your child’s bank account and it is not possible for both parents to monitor the same account.

After completing and opening the account, an attractive, colorful and unique bank card will be sent to your child.

What will my child learn with BlueJunior?

  • Concept of money and bank: By having a personal account and bluecard, your child will get to know the concept of money and how to use it.
  • saving: Bluejunior helps your child learn the concept of savings and its importance and plan for their future.
  • Bank transactions: Your child will easily get to know the banking system by doing banking transactions, such as shopping and card-to-card.
  • Management: BlueJunior helps your child to learn basic economic concepts, such as buying and selling, and to learn financial management from an early age.

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