Bluebank loan service was launched; Loan without collateral and guarantor

In Bluebank’s loan service, users receive their desired loan without the need for a guarantor, presenting a check, promissory note, and within five minutes of their request. Bluebank’s loan service makes it possible for users to solve their essential financial needs in just a few minutes, online and without the slightest worry.

Getting a loan from the banking system is usually a difficult and long-term option; In a way that forces many to look for other options such as spending savings or borrowing from friends and acquaintances to meet their financial needs. However, selected Bluebank users can now use the Bluebank loan service.

Mohammad GerkanizhadThe CEO of Bluebank says about the new service of this neobank: “Since the beginning of its activity, Bluebank has followed several main programs, one of the first programs was to open a bank account completely online and offline. At that time, this seemed like an ambitious and impossible idea; But today we are at a point where this idea has become fully implemented and widespread. Payment of facilities is one of the main tasks and functions of every bank; For this reason, after providing diverse and innovative features and establishing Bluebank as a leading neobank, we decided to launch the loan service.

Currently, Bluebank’s loan service is going through its validation process and the loan payment process will start from March. In order to receive a Bluebank loan, the average (average) of the user’s account is evaluated in the three months leading up to the time of payment (April, December and February), based on which, this service is activated for users whose average account during this period is more than 3 million tomans. Bluebank loan payment continues in the same way and based on the evaluation of the average quarterly account.

Bluebank loan is paid to all eligible users without guarantor and collateral and only based on validation (no outstanding bank debt and no bounced check or bad bank account) and average account. The minimum loan amount of Bluebank is 3 million tomans and the maximum amount is 10 million tomans, which is paid to users according to the average account. The maximum loan repayment period is 6 months, based on which each user can choose a shorter repayment period.

Users who repay their loan in one month and before the first installment, do not pay interest on the received loan. Bluebank loan is paid with an interest rate of 18% and a maximum fee of 5%. The loan fee rate is likely to decrease based on the level of activity of each user, and active Bluebank users are included in the discount. To send your loan request, just go to the “Shop” menu of the Bluebank application and select the “Loan” option. In this section, the activated loans will be displayed for you and you can determine the repayment amount and time.

Then, it’s time to register the digital signature and approve the loan agreement. With the approval of the contract, the loan request is sent to the Samat system (centralized information system for facilities and obligations) of the Central Bank. Finally, with the approval of this system, the paid loan will be deposited into the user’s account after a few minutes. If there is no disruption or problem in the Samat system and Bluebank responds to the request immediately, this process will be completed in less than 5 minutes.

After receiving the facility, you can view the details of your installments by visiting the loan menu. The amount of installments is automatically withdrawn from your account at the designated time. However, you can manually pay your installments every month by turning off automatic withdrawal.

Bluebank has considered providing an attractive, fast and convenient experience of financial and banking services as one of its main priorities and goals, and so far, in this way, innovative features such as Bluechart, Bluebox, Bluejunior, transfer to friends, automatic transfer, etc. provided to users.

Bluebank is an Iranian neo-bank affiliated to Saman Bank, which started its activity at the end of 2018 with the aim of responding to the banking needs of its compatriots, especially the young generation. This new bank has been able to provide a new level of banking services to Iranians by providing completely online services through the application.

For more information or to install the Bluebank application, visit this address See.

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