Blue Twitter service users can now publish posts with a length of 4000 characters

Twitter has made it possible to send long tweets, which, of course, are only available to subscribers of the Blue service. This feature is currently enabled in the United States and offers the ability to send tweets up to 4,000 characters long. If the people you follow use this new feature, the tweet in your timeline will be displayed with the Show More option, which you can click to see the full text.

There are currently limitations on Twitter’s 4000 character posting feature. If your tweet exceeds the standard 280 characters, you won’t be able to save it as a draft or schedule it for future publication. However, long posts have most of the other normal features, such as hashtags or the ability to add photos, and regular users can still interact with these posts.

written by VergeTwitter Blue subscribers can also send retweet quotes and replies up to 4,000 characters long; Therefore, we can expect longer articles to increase in this social network.

There are other indications that when writing tweets longer than 280 characters via the Android or iOS version, you will be redirected to the sub-web version.

Elon Musk It previously promised to allow longer tweets. He says Twitter is working on features to add formatting options such as bolding words and changing font sizes to posts.

It should be noted that this is not the first time that Twitter increases the length of posts on its site. The current limit of 280 characters of this social network was introduced in 2017. In comparison, before 2017, users of this platform could only send tweets with a length of 140 characters.

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