Blocking the payment portal of businesses without explanation and prior notice

The payment portals of some businesses were blocked last weekend without prior notice, and the follow-ups so far have only concluded that the changes in procedures and policies in the places caused the suspension of the payment and then the blocking of the portals.

Businesses had to re-submit documents to have their accounts unsuspended, but Shoprek told them it would take up to 72 days for the portal to be reactivated. It is said that about 3 thousand businesses have been disrupted due to this problem.

In this regard, Padro’s CEO, Pashutan Pourmyaik, told Zomit that they have been able to return the portal, but no explanation has yet been given as to what this change in procedure was, which caused the suspension of Inmad and the disruption of the portals, and Inmad should give a clear answer in this regard.

How did you notice the problem in the payment gateway on Wednesday?

We also have a monitoring structure, and one of our customers informed us that he was unable to pay. We tested and realized that we had a problem and followed up with the payment company we were working with. Then we checked this item by chance and saw that it was suspended.

Why did you have this problem?

What they informed us was that they had changed the procedure on the API of this material and the qualification inquiry of some businesses and business managers that must be done by places in the process of granting this material has been negative. But they did not tell us any details. They said, considering that the inquiry of this item is one of the important cases, if the inquiry is negative, the item will be suspended immediately without any notification.

Amano didn’t give you an explanation about this process?

This is the explanation we got from Inmad. They said that there was a change in the procedure of the places, but they did not explain to us what this change of procedure was, and some of the inquiries were negative. These were businesses whose inquiries were positive before. The negative result of the inquiry led to the immediate suspension of this article and as a result Shaperak blocked the portal. When we entered the Inmad panel, we were faced with this message: Non-approval by places.

Have you ever had such a problem?

No, I have never faced such a problem.

Apparently, you were able to solve the problem, what follow-ups did you do and what stage are you at now?

We were able to return the portal from yesterday before noon with the follow-up and orders of friends, etc., but from Wednesday evening to Friday noon, our payment portal was not available. At the time of payment, the client of the portal was faced with a strange message that the acceptor is invalid. This is worse. We don’t know how many businesses have noticed this because it happened on Wednesday afternoon and usually the errors are not such that customers refer to the business and some may think that the problem is with their card.

Another issue is that the port is very systematically and automatically disconnected, but when they want to return the port, Shaperk says that all authentication processes and queries must be done manually again. That is, if there is a system error or a mistake from any of these bodies, organizations, and collections in the whole process and the payment gateway is out of order, the process must be repeated manually from the beginning to restore it.

How long does it take to go through this process again and authenticate?

With the calls we made and the interaction that this product had with the places, they suspended these products around Thursday afternoon, and we spoke to Shaperk, who said that it will take three working days or 72 hours to process. Of course, we were able to follow up and it was done faster.

Do you have an estimate of the losses during the blocking of the ports?

Several tens of thousands of Instagram stores work on the Padro platform, and their sales are practically disrupted. On the other hand, Padro’s member stores that wanted to renew or upgrade their membership during this period had problems and could not do so.

It is said that about 3 thousand businesses have been affected by this incident.

The exact number is known by Inmad himself, but I know that the number of businesses was significant because Inmad himself negotiated with places to return the conditions to before. The most important point is that while the business has a license and is operating, it suddenly revokes its license. That is on Wednesday, when the governing bodies are not that active. You cannot revoke a business license without giving any prior notice and giving reasons. We still don’t know what happened. In addition, the process is also flawed in my opinion.

What follow-ups will you do in this field?

This should clarify two points. First, why did this happen? Because it was due to a change in the situation in this field that the payment portal of businesses had a problem. They should also say whether they want to modify this process or not. This process takes the business out of the circuit by changing the status in the query at the moment and the businesses are damaged while this product was supposed to protect the digital business cycle.

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