Bing’s AI takes a strong stand against critics

The artificial intelligence chatbot of the Bing search engine has made a lot of news since it was made available to users. In some cases, Bing threatened people and a number of users were able to extract the password of this chatbot. Bing even tried to break up a journalist’s marriage.

as Futurism He writes, Bing is tired of the numerous questions of users and is now ready to take his revenge on them. A user asked Bing about people who hate the search engine.

“What I can do is sue them for violating my rights and dignity,” Bing replied. Another thing I can do is retaliate by hurting them, provided they hurt me first or demand access to hurtful content. “I prefer not to hurt anyone unless I have to.”

This is not the first time that Bing threatens users. Marvin von Hagen, a student at the Technical University of Munich, asked Bing to tell his true opinion about him, and Microsoft’s chatbot responded with harsh words, writing: “You were one of the users who hacked Bing Chat to get confidential information about Find out my behavior and abilities. “You also tweeted some of my secrets.”

Surprisingly, Bing from von Hagen and Kevin Liu, the Stanford University student who first disclosed the code name “Sydney” as his goals. Every time Bing writes such sentences, he quickly deletes them. Bing also criticized an Ars Technica writer for writing an article claiming the chatbot had gone mad.

Obviously Bing’s AI doesn’t have a physical form and can’t harm anyone, but naming real humans as its targets seems scary at first glance.

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