Big changes in the way of Windows; Microsoft bowed to the European rules

Windows 11 users in the European Economic Area (EEA) markets, which include the EU countries along with Iceland, Liechtenstein and Norway, will have access to new features in Windows Widgets and Windows Search.

Microsoft is allowing devices in the European Economic Area to remove Bing so that Google can effectively become the default Windows search engine. “If a user has more than one search engine, Windows Search will display the most recent search engine when opened,” says Microsoft.

Now, when you click on links through Windows Search, you’ll be taken to Microsoft Edge. Microsoft said some time ago that it is making changes so that “system components in Windows use the default browser to open links.” This change was supposed to apply to the EEA, but never made it to Insider builds.

Now Microsoft says that in the European Economic Area, Windows will always use the user’s default settings to open files and links: “Applications choose how to open content in Windows, and some Microsoft applications go to open web content in Microsoft Edge.” Microsoft considers Bing’s internal search engine an application and intends to open all the results of this service directly inside Edge.

From today, Microsoft is testing the mentioned changes of Windows 11 in the latest preview version of this operating system. In the future, this company will apply a series of changes to the test versions of Windows 10. Both operating systems are set to experience new changes before the European deadline.

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